Writing as: Mark Wayne McGinnis

According to the bio on Amazon: "Mark Wayne McGinnis is a number 1, best-selling, author of twenty-two books and counting. Mark pretty much writes full-time--both SciFi and Thriller genre novels. Here's a list in order of his books. Note, most are also available in print and audiobook versions too.

"Mark grew up on both coasts, first in Westchester County, New York, then in Westlake Village, California. Mark and his wife, Kim, now live in Castle Rock, Colorado, with their three dogs, Rika, Sammi, and the new puppy, Lilly. Mark got his start as a corporate marketing manager and then fell into indie-filmmaking--Producing/Directing the popular docudrama, 'Openings -- The Search For Harry'. For the last five years he's been writing full-time and with twenty best-selling novels under his belt, he has no plans on slowing down."

Series Books
Rob Chandler Mad Powers (2014)
  Deadly Powers (2015)
Other Hab 12 [Scrapyard Ship] (2013)
  Scrapyard Ship [Scrapyard Ship] (2013)
  Space Vengeance [Scrapyard Ship] (2014)
  Realms of Time [Scrapyard Ship] (2014)
  Craing Dominion [Scrapyard Ship] (2014)
  The Great Space [Scrapyard Ship] (2014)
  Call To Battle [Scrapyard Ship] (2015)
  Lone Star Renegades (2015)
  Star Watch [Scrapyard Ship : Star Watch] (2015)
  Ricket [Scrapyard Ship : Star Watch] (2015)
  The Simpleton [Simpleton] (2016)
  Space Chase [Scrapyard Ship : Star Watch] (2016)
  Boomer [Scrapyard Ship : Star Watch] (2016)
  Glory for Sea and Space [Scrapyard Ship : Star Watch] (2016)
  Scrapyard Legacy [Scrapyard Ship : Star Watch] (2017)
  Scrapyard Ship & Star Watch Reference Guide [Scrapyard Ship : Star Watch] (2017)
  The Simpleton Quest [Simpleton] (2017)
  Ship Wrecked [Ship Wrecked] (2017)
  Galaxy Man [Galaxy Man] (2017)
  Cloudwalkers [Cloudwalkers] (2018)
  Boy Gone [Boy Gone] (2018)
  Ship Wrecked II [Ship Wrecked] (2018)
  Ship Wrecked III [Ship Wrecked] (2019)
  The Hidden Ship (2019)
  Guardian Ship (2019)
  Ironhold Station [USS Hamilton] (2020)
  Miasma Burn [USS Hamilton] (2020)
  Gun Ship (2020)
  Broadsides [USS Hamilton] (2021)
  USS Jefferson: Charge of the Symbios [USS Hamilton] (2021)
  Hover (2021)