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Full Name: Steve Black
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Private Contractor

Creator: Dan Fox
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Steve Black is a private contractor.

I could have easily written that he was an agent with the CIA. He and his people are as good as, except for the whole accountability part. In that matter, he is the leader of a small private group of paramilitary operatives working for themselves but contracted to the CIA under the control fo Dean Walker, CIA Special Ops Director. That way, if things went wrong and the actions of the group discovered, the Agency, and by extension, the Administration, could disavow any knowledge and get off with just minor egg on their faces. The team would be left high and dry and likely dead but they knew that going into each assignment so no surprise there.

Black and his team is the group that is trusted by and requested by the President when things get really dicey. They know and trust each other. This works both well and poorly for the team. Well because what they need to get the job done is almost certainly going to be provided when asked for, usually without question. Poorly because having accomplished the near impossible in the past, when it is an extremely nasty suicidal style mission that absolutely has to be done,, the President calls on Black.

His team consists of himself and three others, two male and one female.

Jackson Leonard is the team's quartermaster responsible for getting and keeping the team supplied, sometimes by borrowing from the enemy.

Marcel Jeveaux is the communications and explosives expert, an odd combination because electronics do not function well around things that blow up. He makes it work.

Jean McKenzie is the silent and deadly assassin on the team. If someone is needed killing quietly and quickly and totally cold-bloodedly, she is the best option.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Reprisal In Black Reprisal In Black
Written by Dan Fox
Copyright: 2014

The intent of the terrorist group that Steve Black and his team have been ordered to stop is not to wreck havoc or bloodshed but to kidnap one of the most powerful people on the planet.
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2 Vengeance In Black Vengeance In Black
Written by Dan Fox
Copyright: 2014

The mission for Steve Black and his team was to head to a country which is causing the U.S. considerable trouble and defuse the situation and then get out alive. Tricky but doable. On the way back, though, a landing in Spain gets the group thrown into a terrorist attack already ongoing.
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3 The Scimitar Incursion The Scimitar Incursion
Written by Dan Fox
Copyright: 2015

Steve Black's orders were for his team to take down an unstable leader in a nearby country and they were in the middle of the op when a plea for help from an old friend puts them up against Jihadists smuggled through Ireland to attack the U.K.
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I could talk about this series being a paramilitary operations thriller and I would be quite correct on that but then I would be failing to mention the fact that without going overboard on it, the author does a good job of giving the background as to why the spec-ops is needed and that is good. Steve Black and his team are not just mindless automatics sent in to blow things up even though there be a good number of things blown up.

Having Black being on such close terms with the President is not usual in an action story but it makes the stories better, I think, even if it stretches credulity to have him asked his opinion on policy issues. But that is just me.


My Grade: B


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