Writing as: Dan Fox

According to the bio on Amazon: "Hi, I'm Dan Fox, a fiction author of action thrillers.

I've written a number of books which chronicle the missions of Steve Black and his very

special multi-national black ops team.

I was born in London, England, and now live with my wife and several cats and dogs on the north Devon coast.

I rose to senior officer rank in British Royal Navy Intelligence and have seen military action many times. Since then my work has been a mixture of security consultant and journalist. Writing has always been my favourite pastime and I'm currently working on a third novel.

'Reprisal in Black' was the first novel to be published in August 2014. The second book in the Steve Black series, 'Vengeance in Black', was published in September 2014. I have several projects as 'work in progress'. My main target at the moment is the third book in the Steve Black series (working title 'Requiem in Black') and the completion of a couple of short stories or novellas."

Series Books
Steve Black Reprisal In Black (2014)
  Vengeance In Black (2014)
  The Scimitar Incursion (2015)