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Full Name: Lee Thomas
Nationality: American
Organization: GIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tom Fugate
Time Span: 2013 - 2021


Lee Thomas is an agent with the GIA.

That is not a spelling mistake. It is a different agency completely, the letters standing for the Government Intermediary Agency. It does not officially exists so that it is able to do the things that it does. As Thomas mentions, "one of those outfits people whisper about". He explains that most of the time, the work of the GIA was to act as go-between for other agencies to work together but quite often they just go it alone.

Thomas's reason for being a member of this organization is explained best by him with:

"I grew up reading Ian Fleming and others. I watched the movies and television shows and then I dreamed about being a spy. Some friends and I had even come up with our own organization similar to the one in the "Man From Uncle", a sixties television show. By the time I got to high school I had done some training on my own and came to the attention of a teacher at my school, who according to his service record (which I accessed years later), officially had not done some very unusual and interesting things for the OSS in WWII. He called an old colleague and passed my name along. I really think it was when I elevated his car until all of the tires were an inch above the ground that I really caught his eye. He was in the car with the motor started and the transmission in reverse before he realized something was amiss. Why do something like that to him? He could be a jerk and no one really liked him so he was the target of pranks. Knowing what I know now about the stresses of combat I think he had suffered some with post traumatic stress since World War II."

As he got older, his stunts got crazier and craftier and more challenging to himself. The people now watching him were more and more impressed and eventually approached him in the middle of the night by sneaking into his locked room to let him know they knew how to do such things. They offered him a job. He took it. He really had to, of course, since this had been his dream job. He would stick with it for many years to come.

Motto of the GIA: "Don't Bother To Thank Us. We Were Never There"

Policy of the GIA: "The Task At Hand Not The Credit For The Task. That This Nation Shall Survive"

Good Line:
- Regarding why he kept a loaded .357 magnum under his pillow in his dorm in college, Thomas says, "It was only there because of some deep seated paranoia and my secret agent fantasies."


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2021

1 Spy Dreams Spy Dreams
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2013

Since he was a young boy, Lee Thomas dreamed of being a spy. He read everything he could find. He saw all the movies and tv shows. He also trained on his own and gave himself special test assignments. That lasted into college where he was noticed by an instructor and then visited in his dorm room by a stranger with an offer. His opportunity had come. This book details his recruitment and his training and his first mission.
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2 Sand Traps Sand Traps
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2013

The year is 1982. Lee Thomas is the agent chosen to plan and direct a hostage rescue mission in Libya, one that will involve people from different branches of service from different countries.
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3 Cigarettes For Two Cigarettes For Two
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2015

In South Florida in the mid 80's, cocaine is king and those controlling it rule. Lee Thomas is tasked with the impossible job of throwing a monkey wrench into a well operating system.
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3.5 The Spy Dreams Collection, vol. 1 The Spy Dreams Collection, vol. 1
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2021

Collection of the first three books in the series:
Spy Dreams
Sand Traps
Cigarettes For Two
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4 Port In A Desert Storm Port In A Desert Storm
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2017

Being an agent for the CIA in Kuwait in 1990 means having to dodge invading Iraqi soldiers as you go about your work. Deadly assignment which is why it is given to Lee Thomas.
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5 unFriendly Persuasion unFriendly Persuasion
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2018

A gang robbing a Big Box store learn the hard way that messing with Lee Thomas's family is a really dumb things to do. Just because Thomas was not looking for trouble does not mean he does not find it.
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5.5 The Spy Dreams Collection, vol. 2 The Spy Dreams Collection, vol. 2
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2021

Collection of the fourth and fifth books in the series:
Port In A Desert Storm
unFriendly Persuasion

And the three short stories originally published separately:
Unscheduled Delivery
A Walk In The Woods
Chinese Take-Out
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 Unscheduled Delivery Unscheduled Delivery
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2017

"It is 1994 General John Fleming and others are playing the long game to prevent a nuclear armed North Korea. With luck the plan will never arrive at its final outcome. If it does then nuclear war might be on the horizon. A new espionage story featuring characters from the Lee Thomas novels. From the Chesapeake Bay to the Korean Peninsula things are happening that are part of that long game. Hopefully it is a winning strategy."
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2 A Walk In The Woods A Walk In The Woods
short story
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2019

"Lee Thomas, the hero of the five novels in the Spy Dreams series is back and still attracting trouble. While on a short backpacking trip in the Grayson Highlands area of Virginia with his 15 year old daughter trouble once again finds Lee. No super villains, no foreign agents. this time it is the kind of trouble that might find anyone. Trouble finds him a lot and usually it does not work out well for trouble."
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3 Chinese Take-Out Chinese Take-Out
short story
Written by Tom Fugate
Copyright: 2019

"Dropped into China in the dead of night night Lee Thomas must deal with a failing plan and get the defector, the defector's daughter and himself out of China without being caught. If caught he will probably vanish as if he never existed"
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There is a lot of fun stuff to enjoy in this series. The whole GIA concept is a bit over the top but, forgive me!, I liked it. Especially the Motto shown above. The GIA takes the "we were never here" quite seriously, as do its operatives.

The idea of someone being recruited right out of college is nothing new - it happens all the time. Recruitment while still in school is a different matter. Recruitment by waking someone up out a good night's sleep - if I had been Thomas, I would have run for the hills. He, instead, went, "Um, well, cool!"


My Grade: B


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