Writing as: Tom Fugate

According to the bio on Amazon: "Born in 1956 and raised in Southwestern Virginia, Tom Fugate became an avid reader soon after learning to read. While reading espionage (James Bond and others), science fiction and anything else he could get his hands on his imagination led him to daydream about the characters and situations he read in those books. He began to write his first espionage novel while in high school in Gate City, Virginia. No copies of this manuscript exist, which Tom says is probably a good thing.

Contrary to a question he often gets he has never worked for the government."

Series Books
Lee Thomas Spy Dreams (2013)
  Sand Traps (2013)
  Cigarettes For Two (2015)
  Port In A Desert Storm (2017)
  Unscheduled Delivery (ss) (2017)
  unFriendly Persuasion (2018)
  A Walk In The Woods (ss) (2019)
  Chinese Take-Out (ss) (2019)
  The Spy Dreams Collection, vol. 1 (2021)
  The Spy Dreams Collection, vol. 2 (2021)