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Full Name: Pia Sabel
Nationality: American
Organization: Sabel Securities
Occupation CEO

Creator: Seeley James
Time Span: 2013 - 2020


       Pia Sabel is the CEO of Sabel Securities.
       She is not the founder of that highly successful company, geared towards keeping safe people who have made dangerous enemies and who have enough money to pay for the impressive protection Sabel Securities can provide. That man is her adopted father, a man who took her in when she was quite young after her parents were murdered. He raised her as his own and the love and respect they have for each other is genuine and deep.
       Having reached adulthood and having a chance to make a name for herself already, this being in the international soccer arena where she was a star player, Sabel was handed control of the company by the billionaire owner and told, more or less, do not ruin it.
       To many of the operatives working for Sabel, the young woman was a travesty as the new boss. What did she know about this line of work? What kind of leader can a pampered debutante actually be especially when things go bad. The fact that she had never been pampered and that her father, loving though he was, always made sure she worked for what she got, meant little to them and she knew it. She was aware she had to prove to them she deserved her position.
       In the course of her assuming the management position and taking part in the more high-profile cases, Sabel would make mistakes and pay for them as well as learning from them. She will learn from the beginning how inexperience can be damning and she will make it a point to immerse herself in her new responsibilities. She does learn and she does get a lot better.
       But in the course of this learning, her life will be put at risk many times. Thankfully she has Jacob Stearne to have her back.
       Stearne is a veteran of the U.S. military having served for quite a few years and proving to be possibly the best killing machine the Pentagon had ever produced. He was absolutely lethal when he had to be and nothing seemed to phase him. At least until he went nuts and heard voices. Then he got even scarier to the brass and they let him go. Sabel Securities gave him a new home and he was quite content - albeit still hearing those voices when not on his meds. Luckily for Pia Sabel, he is absolutely devoted to her. Good, albeit unnerving, man to have watching your six.
       Oh, about those voices - actually just one voice but it is the Roman god Mercury who despite being several millennia old talks in modern slang. But when he talks, it pays to listen because while it might really his subconscious pointing out things that his intuition has realized, it has saved his life and the lives of those working with him many, many times. Then again, it might really be Mercury.


Number of Books:10
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2020

This series really consists of two connected one.
The first is Sabel Origins.
The second is Sabel Securities.

1 The Geneva Decision The Geneva Decision
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2013

Book 1 of the Sabel Origin series.
Making the transition from international soccer star to an operative with her father's private security company is a tough one. It is made rougher when her most recent assignment to protect a client goes bad and he is killed right in front of her. To bring the killer(s) to justice means heading from ritzy houses in Switzerland to huts in the jungle of Cameroon.
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2 Bring It Bring It
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2014

Book 2 of the Sabel Origin series.
When Pia Sabel rescued a group of children being molested in a pedophile resort in Sri Lanka, she did not expect trouble from the State Department as her reward. More than a little miffed, she digs deeper and gets herself kidnapped. It falls to her subordinate, Jacob Stearne, to get her out.
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3 Element 42 Element 42
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2015

Book 1 of the Sabel Security series.
Pia Sabel's desire to use some of her inherited wealth to do good put her into Borneo to build a school. Corrupt officials had other ideas for the money and soon Sabel is running for her life. When she reports the dead and dying villagers to higher authorities, no one believes her, not even in her own company. Then one of her people gets sick like the villagers and Sabel needs the help of Jacob to find what is causing it.
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4 Death And Dark Money Death And Dark Money
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2016

Book 2 of the Sabel Security series.
At a symposium for high level executives, Pia Sabel and her father are hobnobbing when a lobbyist is found murdered. As she investigates, she learns the real purpose of the get-together was to get dark money into the hands of politicians. When she starts to make something of that, her father is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Jacob Stearne was trying to impress his date when a man is found murdered on his doorstep and Stearne is the chief suspect.
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5 Death And The Damned Death And The Damned
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2016

Book 3 of the Sabel Security series.
Pia Sabel is still not comfortable dealing with all the billionaires she has to routinely meet. Then the President asks her to find out of the group the one who is really out bring down the country. Meanwhile, Jacob Stearne is hunting an American jihadi he rescued from Iraq only to have the man disappear with a hit on America in mind.
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6 Death And Treason Death And Treason
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2018

Book 4 of the Sabel Security series.
Trying to free her mind while playing in a soccer game, Pia Sabel is surprised when a Russian spy slips her a USB drive all encoded. She would ask the giver for help but now he is dead and there just may be something in it to connect to a prominent presidential campaign runner.
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7 Death And Secrets Death And Secrets
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2018

Book 5 of the Sabel Security series.
Pia Sabel has disappeared. That is what a lot of people worry but in truth she was on the French Riviera when she decides she will do her best to unseat the President she has no love for. To gather intel, she opts to join a group of international oligarchs, all of whom are willing to do anything, and kill anyone, to stay at the top. Meanwhile Jacob Stearne wakes from a gun shot injury with no memory of the past couple of weeks. He wants to shuck it all and find a safe line of work but an ex-President pushes him to locate Sabel.
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8 Death And Vengeance Death And Vengeance
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2019

Book 6 of the Sabel Security series.
Pia Sabel has a major decision to make - whether to meet with her birth-mother or not. That woman is the current Vice-President, which is a good thing. She might also be the one behind the murders of Sabel's parents, decidedly not a good thing. Meanwhile Jacob Stearne is still looking for a peaceful life but finds he is being tailed by agents from India and he is asked to look for an admiral accursed of treason and there are assassins who keep popping up causing Stearne trouble.
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9 Death And Conspiracy Death And Conspiracy
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2019

Book 7 of the Sabel Security series.
In this stand-alone Jacob Stearne adventure, Stearne was looking forward to a romantic weekend in Paris with his lady friend but then he spots terrorists about to attack a crowded church and he leaps into action. When he is mistaken for one of the terrorists, the authorities give him the choice of jail or infiltrating the neo-Nazi terror group.
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10 Death And Betrayal Death And Betrayal
Written by Seeley James
Copyright: 2020

Book 8 of the Sabel Security series.
A Jacob Stearne adventure where Stearne is just about to propose to his girl friend when he learns that a shipment of next-gen weapons are about to fall in to the hands of some very unnice people. Not only does his interference mess up that but also it gets a very wealthy man very angry with him. Not to mention the U.S. government.
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       Ever since I met Batman (well, the comics) I have loved the idea of a rich highly skilled person going into harm's way to help the underdog or downtrodden. That is a whole lot of what the Pia Sabel series is all about - she is the rich daughter who is given control of - and I love this part a lot - the powerful security company that was created initially to protect her. Now that she in running the show, though, she also uses it for her pet projects that go up against really bad people, and bad governments, all over the world.
       Another thing I like about it is she makes mistakes. She is new to this and she screws up. Not a lot but when there are bombs exploding and bullets flying, a mistake can be and is very deadly. This is NOT the perfect agent smoothly dispatching the ungodly. She and her people are highly trained and extremely competent but they (well, she) makes wrong choices and then have to struggle to overcome them.
       And then there is Jacob Stearne. I like him a lot. He loves the ladies and he loves the action and he talks to a Roman God that, of course, is not really there and he is a hoot.
       This is a series that is just a lot of fun to read.


My Grade: B+


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