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Full Name: Eugene Sokolov
Nationality: Russian
Organization: EMERCOM
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ian Kharitonov
Time Span: 2013 - 2021


Eugene Sokolov is an agent with the Russian EMERCOM.

That agency is officially known as the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defense, Emergencies and elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters. Or more simply, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, or even simpler, EMERCOM. It was established by Boris Yeltsin and, according to Wikipedia, "one school of thought traces the origins of the agency to December 27, 1990, when the RSFSR established the Russian Rescue Corps and assigned it the mission of rapid response in the case of emergencies".

At times of catastrophes that required instant deployment of the finest specialists to any corner of the globe, EMERCOM relied on its Rapid Response Teams. They were the Ministry's elite.

Sokolov was one of those specialists. His area of expertise was in rescue operations and in that regard, he could easily be considered one of the very best in the business. In fact, he was the leader of EMERCOM'S primary Rapid Response Team, one that tackled the worst disasters around the world.

Sokolov is single and unattached, though more accurately he is married to his work. His father died two decades before as a protestor against Yeltsin and his dismissal of the Russian Constitution. His mother has raised Sokolov and his brother Constantine but she had passed away a few years back. And Constantine had vanished, forced to live in exile in Western Europe. Not having family likely caused him to throw himself into his work even more and by the results he routinely obtains, he studied well.

While Eugene Sokolov is, IMHO, the star of the series, his brother Constantine, when he re-enters the picture, will play almost as important a role and together the two will show that the Sokolov Brothers are more than a handful.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Russian Renaissance The Russian Renaissance
Written by Ian Kharitonov
Copyright: 2013

Constantine had unwittingly uncovered a secret buried for a century and now people want him dead. He knows he needs help to survive and that means turning to his own brother, Eugene Sokolov, one of the best in the rescue business there is. Sokolov will have to be at the top of his game to survive and if he falls, so does Russia.
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2 The Collaborator The Collaborator
Written by Ian Kharitonov
Copyright: 2013

Terrorist attacks in Moscow have reached some amazing levels and the Kremlin is reeling. When his brother Constantine finds a connection between the attacks and a family secret, Eugene Sokolov starts his own hunt into who is behind it all but that man is a very powerful individual with a definite objective.
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3 Temple Of Spies Temple Of Spies
Written by Ian Kharitonov
Copyright: 2015

The CIA stopped an arms deal between North Korea and Iran taking place in Thailand but it was unable to put a stop to a terrorist plan to cause massive destruction. Russian rescue expert Eugene Sokolov is sent to Asia on assignment and lands in the middle of the mess.
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4 Kremlin Storm Kremlin Storm
Written by Ian Kharitonov
Copyright: 2018

With the death of the Russian President, his successor is a fanatic with plans of returning Russia to the top of the heap by destroying NATO. To do so, he is using technology first envisioned by Nikola Tesla. The destruction would be horrific. One man, Eugene Sokolov, is determined to stop it but that means taking on a host of highly trained operatives.
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5 Moscow Gold Moscow Gold
Written by Ian Kharitonov
Copyright: 2020

"More precious than gold… …is the power it buys. 
Will the brothers be able to stop the new President? The Sokolovs suspect there’s a plot, but it will take a level of brilliance to unravel it. On one side is the Russian mob and on the other the Kremlin.
Both are gunning to stop them. Are they working together? What is the end game? How do events around the world play their part?
Far from the Motherland a coup in Spain threatens the lives of millions. It’s just one more piece of the puzzle. Will they be able to put it all together in time? The race against the clock has begun."
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6 Czar of England Czar of England
Written by Ian Kharitonov
Copyright: 2021

"Rumors surface of something called Project Jutland. Is there an outsider vying for the top role? It didn’t make sense, but President Frolov isn’t taking any chances and it has Constantine and Eugene worried. Prominent political and business leaders are being killed."
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Number of Books:15
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Moscow Dossier The Moscow Dossier
Written by Ian Kharitonov
Copyright: 2019

A short but very enjoyable picture tour of Moscow's most compelling sites.


A word of advice I would give those who go up against Comrade Sokolov is - don't. I do not want to give the impression that Sokolov is some sort of superman because he is nowhere near that but the author has worked beautifully to convey to the readers that Sokolov is not someone to mess with.

You could easily be faster, stronger, maybe even smarter but Sokolov is likely to find a way to bring you down. And the author is going to make reading that scenario a blast.

If it sounds like I am heaping praise on Ian Kharitonov's writing and storytelling skills, well, nailed it!


My Grade: A-


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