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Full Name: John Taylor 'J.T.' Ryan
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Lee Gimenez
Time Span: 2013 - 2021


J.T. Ryan is a private investigator.

He is a very active one from all accounts keeping quite busy and making a better than decent living from it. He also is willing to drop everything to lend a hand to the FBI, especially on matters dealing with terrorism.

The person he is most closely associated with at the Bureau is Erin Welch, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI's office in Atlanta, with whom he has worked on numerous cases. She makes no bones about the fact that she likes calling him in when cases get particularly messy because he was "someone who can cut through the bullshit, the procedures, and get their hands dirty". In addition as he put it, "maybe break a law, now and then, to get the job done", to which she did not argue.

As a former Army Special Forces officer for a few years, Ryan has a good deal of experience in getting the job done as well occasionally getting his hands dirty. When the dirty parts come along, he has his Smith & Weston .40 cal pistol on his nightstand or in his holster to help even the odds. The comments concerning getting his hands dirty and to play by his own rules are demonstrated in one adventure when he captures a man the FBI had been wanting, calls Welch to report it, and the first question she asks is "Is he alive?"

Ryan is described as having close-cropped brown hair and a rugged appearance. For most of the adventures we have of him, he has a steady girlfriend named Lauren so while his eyes do a considerable amount of wandering, for the most part he stays a good boy.

In addition to working with and for Welch, Ryan has several occasions to work with a CIA agent named Rachel West, a woman very much liked by Ryan because she is not only like him in attitude and aptitude, on their first meeting she saved his life. That kind of thing stays with a guy.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Washington Ultimatum The Washington Ultimatum
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2013

A rogue CIA agent exploded a 'dirty bomb' in Hawaii and thousands died. She threatened more explosions across America unless her organization was paid $1 billion. FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch wants one more person in the field besides the scores of agents already looking. She asks ex-SpecOps J.T. Ryan to help and that will put him on a pursuit taking him across America and Europe.
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2 The Sigma Conspiracy The Sigma Conspiracy
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2014

The FBI turns once again to the ex-SpecOps agent turned private investigator, J.T. Ryan, for help in Europe where counterfiet currency that passes all known detection methods is flooding the market. Ryan will learn of a cabal going by the name Alliance is out to rule the entire world's currency market.

3 Skyflash Skyflash
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2015

A new frightening drug called 'Skyflash' has hit the streets in Atlanta. It provides amazing increases in strength, intelligence, and confidence. Unfortunately it only lasts for a brief time and then turns the user into a deranged killer. A fair number of people have been victimized by these users. FBI Assistant Director Welch asks J.T. Ryan to look into and when he does, he becomes a target for some powerful people.
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4 The Media Murders The Media Murders
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2016

The FBI's Erin Welch is looking into two probably connected deaths. The first was a NY Times reporter whose death was suspicious. Then a TV reporter commits suicide. Welch believes both were looking into the same thing and she asks J.T. Ryan to help her investigate. This means they are now the targets.
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5 FBI Code Red FBI Code Red
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2017

When Agent J.T. Ryan is given the case of a string of murders which are somehow connected, he jumps into and apparently begins to make headway because he angered or worried someone powerful. To put him out of action, he is placed on the Bureau's Code Red watch-list and is suddenly being hunted. Worse yet, his close friend, Erin Welch, is the one leading the hunt.
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6 Fireball Fireball
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2018

Three murders on the same night. A Supreme Court justice, a powerful Senator, and a prominent religious leader. The U.S. President is certain American agents are behind it. He looks for help from private investigator J.T. Ryan, FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch, and CIA agent Rachel West. They will come to learn a group wanting to bring down the entire government is behind it.
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7 Crossfire Crossfire
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2019

"Face-Look is the world's largest social media company. When that company's president is brutally murdered, the FBI investigates. As more people are killed, former Special Forces soldier J.T. Ryan and FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch are assigned to the case."
Ryan and Erin delve into the mystery and begin to uncover a vast criminal conspiracy behind the murders. A conspiracy involving not just Face-Look, but also the world's other social media and high-tech corporations.
As more people are murdered, Ryan pursues the secret cabal of criminals across the USA, Japan, and Europe."
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8 Tripwire Tripwire
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2021

The theft of ten suitcase nukes from the U.S. stockpile brings the President to believe that the culprits are foreign terrorists being aided by rogue government officials. This means that the people he can trust are greatly reduced so he turns to his own team led by J.T. Ryan to look into it. Before the team can make headway, one of the devices is set off in rural Pennsylvania. The EMP from that explosion affects hundreds of miles.
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Finding a series with a good solid character like J.T. Ryan is always a good thing. Finding it and learning that there are not one but two terrific, strong female supporting characters is a great thing.

I really liked Ryan a lot and thought he would make a really interesting and enjoyable television character.

I loved both Rachel West and Eric Welch. I am pleased that the former got her own standalone adventure. The latter deserves one as well (hint!).

Until that happens - well, even after it happens - I hope there are more J.T. Ryan adventures to savor.


My Grade: B+


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