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Full Name: Rachel West
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lee Gimenez
Time Span: 2014 - 2021


Rachel West is an agent with the CIA.

More technically, West works for the 'Factory', so named because its facility, located a few miles from the main CIA headquarters, looks like a manufacturing plant. The building was the workplace for over a hundred people consisting of agents, technicians, and support staff. The purpose for the Factory and its agents were to do "the Agency's dirty work. Black ops, wet-work, the sharp point of the spear". West is one of those agents and she is very good at it, albeit with a bit of an attitude which annoys her boss at times.

One thing she is not, and makes it a point to remind her boss when necessary, is the bait in a honey trap. She is not overly concerned with dispatching her enemies anyway she can or has to but she decides to whom she gives her affections and it certainly will not be a part of an assignment.

West is a very good looking woman in her mid-thirties with long blonde hair. As would be expected of any agent working in the field for the Factory, she is in excellent shape. She'd have to be or she would never survive the missions she finds herself handling. She is also quite intelligent and crafty and has a talent for languages.

We learn early on that West was an orphan growing up in Atlanta shuttled around to various foster homes, one of which included an abusive foster father. Despite these hindrances, her high intelligence allowed her to obtain a scholarship to Georgia Tech where she earned a computer science degree. While there she joined ROTC and after graduation became part of the DCIS (Defense Criminal Investigative Service). At the end of her term of service, she was recruited by the head of the Factory and has been there for two years.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2021

The main character, Rachel West, had her initial, starring, appearance in the first book noted below. She then had smaller roles in a few adventures in the J. T. Ryan series, so marked.

1 Killing West Killing West
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2014

The rumors floating about was the Chinese billionaire Zhao Deng was out to buy as many American tech companies as he could. The CIA sends Rachel West to investigate. The more she learns the greater the threat to America she finds and the more people try to keep her from learning more. The attempts range from obfuscation to assassination.
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2 Skyflash Skyflash
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2015

Co-stars in the J. T. Ryan adventure.
A new frightening drug called 'Skyflash' has hit the streets in Atlanta. It provides amazing increases in strength, intelligence, and confidence. Unfortunately it only lasts for a brief time and then turns the user into a deranged killer. A fair number of people have been victimized by these users. FBI Assistant Director Welch asks J.T. Ryan to look into and when he does, he becomes a target for some powerful people.
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3 The Media Murders The Media Murders
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2016

Co-stars in the J. T. Ryan adventure.
The FBI's Erin Welch is looking into two probably connected deaths. The first was a NY Times reporter whose death was suspicious. Then a TV reporter commits suicide. Welch believes both were looking into the same thing and she asks J.T. Ryan to help her investigate. This means they are now the targets.
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4 FBI Code Red FBI Code Red
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2017

Co-stars in the J. T. Ryan adventure.
When Agent J.T. Ryan is given the case of a string of murders which are somehow connected, he jumps into and apparently begins to make headway because he angered or worried someone powerful. To put him out of action, he is placed on the Bureau's Code Red watch-list and is suddenly being hunted. Worse yet, his close friend, Erin Welch, is the one leading the hunt.
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5 Fireball Fireball
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2018

Co-stars in the J. T. Ryan adventure.
Three murders on the same night. A Supreme Court justice, a powerful Senator, and a prominent religious leader. The U.S. President is certain American agents are behind it. He looks for help from private investigator J.T. Ryan, FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch, and CIA agent Rachel West. They will come to learn a group wanting to bring down the entire government is behind it.
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6 Crossfire Crossfire
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2019

Cameo appearance in the J. T. Ryan adventure.
"Face-Look is the world's largest social media company. When that company's president is brutally murdered, the FBI investigates. As more people are killed, former Special Forces soldier J.T. Ryan and FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch are assigned to the case."

7 Tripwire Tripwire
Written by Lee Gimenez
Copyright: 2021

Co-stars in the J. T. Ryan adventure.
The theft of ten suitcase nukes from the U.S. stockpile brings the President to believe that the culprits are foreign terrorists being aided by rogue government officials. This means that the people he can trust are greatly reduced so he turns to his own team led by J.T. Ryan to look into it. Before the team can make headway, one of the devices is set off in rural Pennsylvania. The EMP from that explosion affects hundreds of miles.


I took an immediate and powerful liking to Rachel West in the opening conversation of the first adventure we have of her. Her handler on an assignment for the Agency responds to her question about a possible contingency by telling her to kill a man to which she comments, "Seems extreme".

Not a pacifist "we shouldn't do that" nor a cold-blooded "consider him dead". In those two words she told me either attitude was possible from her but for now she was staying neutral.

West would go on to be an important side character in another series but I would love for her to get another solo gig.


My Grade: B+


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