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Full Name: Brad Jacobs
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Bounty Hunter

Creator: Scott Conrad
Time Span: 2013 - 2020


Brad Jacobs is a bounty-hunter.

He is also an ex-Marine and as they say, 'once a Marine, always a Marine', something Jacobs will prove over and again during the several recorded adventures we have of him. Joining him on some of these adventures will be other ex-Marines and when trouble comes upon several Marines, ex or not, trouble does not walk away untouched.

We learn early on that he joined the Marines right out of high school because his deceased father, who he respected a good deal, had been a Marine and had died in the first Gulf War. He would go on to become the best of the best by making into the elite Force Recon and served there for almost two decades. After getting out he worked for a short while as a military contractor but did not enjoy it so switched to something he was better at.

That something was finding people. He was quite good at it. And when those people who had gone missing, or worse yet, been taken missing, were in foreign countries where either the authorities were unable to help, unwilling to help, or were part of the taking, the finding had to become the rescuing. That was something else Jacobs was very good at especially when he could call upon a couple of other fellow ex-Marines.

So the sorts of adventures that Jacobs has usually involves heading to other nations in search of missing or kidnapped people and convincing any one in the way that it was not in their best interests to remain so.

Jacobs is described early on as 36 years old, 6'2" tall "with a muscular build and a blond military style buzz cut", having a lantern jaw, green eyes, and a self-confident demeanor. It was also mentioned that he had a "strong physical resemblance" to actor Brad Pitt which had been "both a blessing and a curse over the years".

Working closely with Jacobs is a small group of dedicated friends and co-fighters. Together they call themselves Team Dallas. The two of most interest (to me) are:

Mason Ving: Former Force Recon Marine who had been for a while the sergeant to Jacobs' lance corporal, and Jacob's best friend. He was the "largest, meanest looking black man [Jacobs] had seen in his life. The man was ... a shade over six feet tall with skin so black it seemed to have blue highlights. ... He was completely bald. His utilities had obviously been tailored to fit his massive frame because his waist looked to be as narrow as Jacobs' while his chest was absolutely huge". Like Jacobs, Ving is also certified to wear the prestigious golden parachutist wings and the silver Scuba badge.

Jessica Paul: Jacob's cousin and by far his favorite relative. "They grew up together, and she was more like a little sister than a cousin.  She was the only family member who had stayed in close contact with him during his fifteen years in the military". She is described as being a "beautiful, athletic woman [who] was an adventuress with mad skills". 


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2020

1 Track Down Africa Track Down Africa
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2013

Jessica Paul is a 26-year-old cousin of Brad Jacobs. He is told she has gone missing in Africa. Though many there think she has just gone off on her own for her own reasons, Jacobs does not believe it. He goes after her but finding someone in the Ubangi Jungle is not only difficult, it is very, very dangerous.
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2 Track Down Alaska Track Down Alaska
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2015

Brad Jacobs' cousin, Jessica, still has not fully recovered since her ordeals in Africa. A new boyfriend seems to have helped but to Jacobs there is something off about the guy. When a hunting trip to Alaska is suggested, it sounded like a good idea but then the plane crashes in the mountains. After that, things get worse.
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3 Track Down Amazon Track Down Amazon
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2016

Cabo is a great place to recover from unpleasant times in Alaska. Brad Jacobs is there and quite happy, even more so after he meets fellow ex-Marine Vicky Chance. Then Jacobs gets a call from an old friend, Ving, who says Ving's little brother has gone missing on a DEA assignment in Peru and the Shining Path claims to have him. Ving asks Jacobs to deliver the ransom money but things never go easy.
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4 Track Down Iraq Track Down Iraq
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2017

A friend of Brad Jacobs was filmed being taken prisoner by ISIS who plan to behead him on the Internet. The response from the U.S. government is lackluster so Jacobs gets several of his friends together to mount their own rescue. Joining that group will be Jacobs' new girlfriend, Vicky. All will find that money is playing a major role in the event and most of it going against Jacobs' and company.
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5 Track Down Borneo Track Down Borneo
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2018

All the jetsetting Brad Jacobs has done to help friends and families has drained his wallet and he needs money. That is why when a major oil company CEO gets kidnapped and the job of handling the ransom is offered him, he jumps at the chance. Of course, that means heading to the jungles of Borneo and dealing with the Jemaah Islamiyah. Who knows! Maybe there will be time for a little vacation. Or not.
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6 Track Down El Salvador Track Down El Salvador
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2019

The wealthy Chinese businessman had a job offer that looked like something right up Brad Jacobs' alley. The man's two daughters were being held by El Caiman, the most violent and ruthless gangster in the world. The businessman wanted them freed, which Jacobs thought he and his friends could do. The man also wanted El Caiman and accomplices eliminated. Killing in cold blood was not common.
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7 Track Down Wyoming Track Down Wyoming
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2019

Harlan Taggart is a Recon Marine kicked out for being far too violent for the service. Now he and his cohorts are taking to hunting and kidnapping for a living. Their latest target is a tech billionaire on a hunting trip in Wyoming. In the same area on a fishing trip are Brad Jacobs and his two friends. They may be the tech genius' only hope if they can live long enough.
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8 Track Down Thailand Track Down Thailand
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2020

To rescue two of their own, Brad Jacobs and Team Dallas must not only take on a highly trained and seasoned special forces unit but also the rugged and unforgiving terrain of mountains and islands of Thailand.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Track Down Day One Track Down Day One
short story
Written by Scott Conrad
Copyright: 2017

A Brad Jacobs Thriller Series Short Story Prequel.
"Brad and Ving meet for the first time and quickly find themselves deep in the action trying to track down and save the life of someone in trouble."


The author/publisher marks this series as a 'thriller' and he/they are spot on with that. I am the one who also felt that the sort of work that Jacobs and his Team Dallas take on, especially the kind of opponents they go up against, warrant his membership in this compendium. Plus I really kinda liked the idea of having a bounty hunter in the mix.

I got a huge kick out of the joy that Jacobs, and his friends, get out of throwing themselves into the thick of danger and then pushing their way out. I mean, they train and plan and prepare all the time but ... Knowing that no plan survives the first encounter with the enemy is what makes it so much fun for these people.

And this reader.


My Grade: B+


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