Writing as: Scott Conrad

According to the bio on Amazon: "Scott Conrad is an action-adventure writer who lives in Orange County, California. When not writing he enjoys action, adventure and thrills on a daily basis, from spending time on his jet boat at Lake Mohave to mountain biking Mammoth Mountain in the Sierras.

In his spare time Scott enjoys 4x4 off-roading the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert in North Africa, scuba diving the depths of the Pacific and the Caribbean, and white water rafting the underground rivers of Belize. His exploits also include hiking the islands off the coast of Brazil, flightseeing the waterfalls of Hawaii and skydiving Lake Elsinore.

He is always looking for new places to investigate. From sailing the Greek islands and exploring the Acropolis to strolling through the backstreets of London and Paris after dark, he can usually be found outside having fun and always looking for the next great adventure."

Series Books
Brad Jacobs Track Down Africa (2013)
  Track Down Alaska (2015)
  Track Down Amazon (2016)
  Track Down Iraq (2017)
  Track Down Day One (ss) (2017)
  Track Down Borneo (2018)
  Track Down El Salvador (2019)
  Track Down Wyoming (2019)
  Track Down Thailand (2020)