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Full Name: Martin Culver
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Archaeologist

Creator: Malcom Massey
Time Span: 2011 - 2019


Martin Culver is a writer.

He is, at the time we first meet him, wondering if writing was really his passion anymore since it had been two years since his last really successful book came out. Prior to that, he had had several winners starting with his first which had come about almost as a fluke when on his honeymoon with Sandy he had found several pieces of eight. That had inspired the first book and the new career. Now he was in a slump but that will change.

The change will affect his entire life and lead him into a completely new line of work, this time more in the realm of archaeology and far more deadly. It will start with an explosion that will destroy the boat his brother and father were on and will throw him in numerous conflicts against terrorists, foreign agents, criminals, and some unstable individuals. He might want that slump back again.

Culver is likely in his mid forty's having a son, Brent, just starting college. He has been married to Sandra, Sandy to him, for quite a few years. That marriage will hit some rough patches along the way in the numerous adventures but he still loves her.

Culver spends a considerable amount of time on the water in one manner or another. This is noteworthy because Culder has a "lifelong fear of the sea", dating back to when he was quite young and his mother fell victim to a rip current and drowned. He is able to swallow that dread each time he finds himself on a boar but he never loses it completely.

Culver's place in this compendium of covert operatives comes in a very roundabout way, starting with his father, Jack, and brother, Mark, being snatched up by the Cuban authorities and interrogated as being spies for the CIA. Taking part in a rescue of those two would throw Culver into dealing with that organization and while he does not become an official employee of it, he does seem to run into their affairs a lot.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2019

1 Holiday in Havana Holiday in Havana
Written by Malcom Massey
Copyright: 2013

Martin Culver was stunned when word came of the explosion of a sportfishing yacht off the North Carolina coast, killing his father and brother. He was even more surprised to start learning how the CIA knew more than they were telling. And what was a meeting of Russian and Cuban military off Bermuda to do with their deaths?
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2 The Lost Ark of the Incas The Lost Ark of the Incas
Written by Malcom Massey
Copyright: 2011

Rumors of the finding of the Lost Ark of the Incas, a sacred golden object missing for the last five centuries, is causing quite a stir in the archaeology field, whether it be researchers wanting to study it or black marketers wanting to profit from its sale. Martin Culver and his team want to rescue it from the latter group but to do so they must brave the Peruvian Amazon and people willing to kill without hesitation.
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3 The Lost Calendar of the Maya The Lost Calendar of the Maya
Written by Malcom Massey
Copyright: 2012

Searching for the Lost Calendar of the Maya is proving to be extremely deadly for Martin Culver and his team. Old friends turn mean. Old enemies stay mean. New people have unknown objectives. And the terrain to be traversed holds its own special dangers.
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4 The Golden Treasure Of Panama The Golden Treasure Of Panama
Written by Malcom Massey
Copyright: 2014

Looking for the rumored Golden Treasure of Panama is a major undertaking by Martin Culver and his people. Several countries would love to get control of it. Numerous groups of black marketeers have the same desire. And then there is the personal interest of the Director of the CIA.
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5 The Sword of Stonehenge The Sword of Stonehenge
Written by Malcom Massey
Copyright: 2017

The international smuggling ring that Martin Culver and his people come up against is turning the millions they make stealing and selling ancient artifacts into the funding needed to buy weapons of mass destruction. The unearthing of an ancient sword beneath Stonehenge will prove an irresistible lure.
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6 The Lost Library of Alexandria The Lost Library of Alexandria
Written by Malcom Massey
Copyright: 2018

The long lost secrets held by the thought destroyed Library at Alexandria, Egypt, may provide information that will bring about a new Babylon and one powerful leader wants to be the only one to control that information. Killing the members of Martin Culver's group seems a minor factor in what he hopes to achieve.
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7 The Mystery of the Maltese Venus The Mystery of the Maltese Venus
Written by Malcom Massey
Copyright: 2019

"Landing in Malta during the mysterious Venus Festival, Culver witnesses a descent into unholy anarchy when the age-old celebration kindles conflicting loyalties. Black market auctions mask appalling secrets, threatening ancient objects of classical beauty under their sinister menace. From Malta's idyllic beaches to its underground temples, there is no safe quarter to be found. Pursued by Interpol, Culver must confront an elite conspiracy to survive, forced to choose between priceless artifacts and innocent lives."
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These books are a very enjoyable set of adventures combining cloak-and-dagger thrills with treasure-hunting excitement mixed with archaeological suspense. I really liked Martin Culver and his cohorts and each book had me wondering how the fellow was going to be pulled into another hair-raising escapade. The author did not disappoint me, nor did Culver and his colleagues.

One thing I got a kick out of especially was the wide range of subject matters that will interest Culver, from Spanish doubloons lying on the ocean floor to Stonehenge! From the famed Library at Alexandria to the steep mountains of Peru and its Incan history. The man definitely gets around.


My Grade: B+


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