Writing as: Malcom Massey

According to the bio on Amazon: "Malcom grew up devouring stories of ancient cultures and lost treasures from around the world. Raised in Virginia, Malcom has lived in Costa Rica and Bolivia, and has traveled throughout South America and the Caribbean, including Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands. After living and writing for 16 months in the Yucatan Peninsula, Malcom returned to the United States, where he still lives and writes near the coast."

Series Books
Martin Culver The Lost Ark of the Incas (2011)
  The Lost Calendar of the Maya (2012)
  Holiday in Havana (2013)
  The Golden Treasure Of Panama (2014)
  The Sword of Stonehenge (2017)
  The Lost Library of Alexandria (2018)