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Full Name: Steve Walker
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. State Department
Occupation Agent

Creator: Daniel Ferry
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


Steve Walker is an agent with the State Department.

Career people in that section of the government are usually refered to as diplomats or words in that vein but since Walker belongs to the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the term 'agent' more than applies. It is obvious from his talk that he, and his colleagues, put themselves in the same category (okay, a cut or three above) as the CIA so again 'agent' is appropriate.

Walker's area of expertise at State is the Middle East which makes a great deal of sense because until he was six, his parents lived in Tehran and Walker has a native's grasp of Farsi, speaking it like a true Tehrani and not just someone taught it at a langauge school. And while he had not been back to Iran in all those years, his knowledge of and understanding of that part of the globe is impressive. Throw in a better than average skill in Arabic and you have the makings of a valuable asset.

Also add to the mix a secret he has kept from most people and that is that he has a half-brother named Azrak (according to him, his mother's indiscretion and his father's excuse to drink) who has in the past few years risen to a position of some authority in the Irani hierarchy.

Walker is a widower who lost his wife to cancer some time before the first recorded adventure. As we see numerous times in the escapades of this man, his love of her remains high but so does his normal male libido so when opportunity with the fairer sex knocks, he is quick to open the door.

Good Lines:
- A warning given to Walker by his boss as he heads out on a mission: "No woman. No trouble. No killing". Walker is a tad offended. He also ignores it and finds all three.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 Field Piece - Tehran Field Piece - Tehran
Written by Daniel Ferry
Copyright: 2014

A CIA agent is killed in Tehran. The American leadership wants to know what and who and why. Steve Walker is the State Department Iran expert sent to Iran to learn the answers. His reason for wanting the job is different; he wants to track down and kill his half-brother.
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2 Field Piece - Azerbaijan Field Piece - Azerbaijan
Written by Daniel Ferry
Copyright: 2014

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the new government of Azerbaijan is shaky. Russia sends in mercenaries to prop up the leadership. Iran sends the rebels a large amount of American arms gotten on the black market. Steve Walker is dispatched to Iran to stop the influx of weapons but he has another motive - finish the killing of his hated half-brother.
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2.5 Field Piece - The Complete Series Field Piece - The Complete Series
Written by Daniel Ferry
Copyright: 2014

Collection of the two previously released adventures:
Field Piece - Tehran
Field Piece - Azerbaijan
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These two tales are good storytelling with an enjoyable character to follow, especially since he tends to enjoy doing things his way as well as have fun with the ladies while doing so.

A good chunk of the action takes place in Iran which is a popular enemy for spy writers but usually it is away from their home turf. Here the protagonist has spent a good amount of time there so knows it quite well and actually likes the place, present government excluded. That puts a lot of the country in a good light which is nice.


My Grade: B


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