Writing as: Daniel Ferry

According to the bio on Amazon: "Dan Ferry was born in upstate Pennsylvania to a Swedish mother and an English mongrel father and planned to be a physicist until he discovered his aptitude for computers. A long career as a software and systems engineer honed his ability to juggle many projects at the same time -- the same skill needed to write a multifaceted novel. In addition to writing books, he also likes to write mobile apps for the iPhone and Android.

Dan scrambled onto a horse for the first time at his wife's urging and enjoyed himself so much that he subsequently bought his own horse and had the time of his life with that feisty mare. His novels always involve horses to some extent, frequently as an essential ingredient of the plot. He now resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and their beloved horses, dogs, and cats, and many goldfish who shall remain nameless."

Series Books
Steve Walker Field Piece - The Complete Series (2014)
  Field Piece - Tehran (2014)
  Field Piece - Azerbaijan (2014)