Full Name: Harvey 'Ben' Bennett
Nationality: American
Organization: Civilian Security Organization
Occupation Agent

Creator: Nick Thacker
Time Span: 2014 - 2021


Harvey Bennett is an agent with the Civilian Special Operations.

Agent is probably not the best word. It is likely more accurate to say he is a member of the CSO, which he is, or rather will be once it is established.

When we first meet him, he is a park ranger in Yellowstone and enjoying it a lot. It mostly involved solitude and being outdoors with nature surrounding him instead of buildings and lots of people. It is not that he is anti-social but more that he is happier when not needing to be overly social. He has been a ranger for some time and it suits him and he would not have chosen to give it up if life and circumstances did not push the issue. What he gets pushed eventually to is the CSO.

To understand more about the CSO, it is necessary to know more about Mr. E. That is the only name I have found for the man so far and apparently I am not the only one in the dark about him as most of the people who work for him also know next to nothing. Mr. E is a very, very wealthy man who, being very paranoid, has a major desire for anonymity, hence not using his real name. Most of his dealings seem to be via video chat and what the people viewing it see is a very posh, expensive interior and the mystery man himself.

As for the CSO, Mr. E. explains when he first presents the info to Bennett and friends, "I was recently approached by a contingent of representatives from each branch of the United States Armed Forces to discuss the possibility of leading a project they're calling CSO, or 'Civilian Special Operations'." The idea was to put together a team of civilian experts "who possess the knowledge and training to accompany select members of special force units to accomplish missions that are considered taboo by the U.S. government". Further, "these missions are not expected to be militaristic in nature, which is specifically why it was decided men and women from the civilian sector should make up the majority of its membership".

So, from being a "leave me alone" park ranger to a member of a specialized team of civilians heading into extremely volatile and unknown situations, Bennett's life takes quite a shift.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2020


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Phoenix Project, The Phoenix Project, The
Written by Nick Thacker
Copyright: 2021

A plane crash near Harvey Bennett's Alaskan home draws him in to help any survivors but he soon begins to suspect that the pilot is not who he claims to be. And there is someone else out looking for the pilot, as well as what he was hauling.
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This is a series for those who like lots and lots, and lots and lots, of action. Poor Harvey Bennett does not seem to have much time to wash his socks after one dire mess is cleaned up before the next one falls in his lap. It's no wonder that the fellow missed his relatively calm life at a park ranger. Fresh air, serenity, good exercise. None one shooting at you or trying to blow you up. Too bad those days are long gone.

The prequels are even more fast-paced, IMHO, so I guess that guy was used to it.


My Grade: B+


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