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Full Name: Alina Marinescu
Nationality: Romanian
Organization: Elite
Occupation Agent

Creator: Monica Ramirez
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Alina Marinescu is an agent with Elite.

More specifically, Marinescu is an assassin. Plain and simple, her job is to kill people and she is very, very good at it.

Elite is described as "Elite Counter-terrorism Covert Ops, a secretive organization that doesn't exist, run by people who don't exist. An organization without label or official title, not registered anywhere under secret codes, not affiliated to any intelligence or security services. Elite exists beyond existence itself, not constrained by law or scrutiny from the media."

Also mentioned early on is the fact that "she doesn't know how many assassins Elite operates, but she knows she is unique among them. She had been trained for more, taught to infiltrate, seduce, eavesdrop, steal, kill. She'd learned how to withstand pain and how to inflict it."

Marinescu did not choose to become an assassin. She did not elect to go to work for Elite. She was seduced into it by a man named Alex, a guy who was given her as his assignment to woo and win over and then to turn slowly at first and then quickly thereafter into the agent she is now. Before she met this man she was a decent human being with no desire to hurt anyone. With his tutelage, that will, unfortunately for her, change over time. Along the way she would come to love him and then despise him and the same might be said for Alex.

Though her life will change a great deal over the many years of her service with Elite, she will remain an incredibly dangerous weapon. Sometimes it is not much of a life to her but it will always be a lot more than her targets have after her visit.

Good Line:
-"Erase any trace, become invisible, live in the shadows. You don't exist. You are a ghost..."


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Unwilling Assassin The Unwilling Assassin
Written by Monica Ramirez
Copyright: 2013

The moment Alina Marinescu met the handsome but cold Alex Therein, she knew he would win her heart. But Alex did not want the affection. He wanted to take this young, beautiful, caring woman and turn her into as cold a killer as he was. Both events happened - she fell for him and he taught her to kill. She also taught him to care again. A little bit.
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2 Whispered Identities Whispered Identities
Written by Monica Ramirez
Copyright: 2013

If given a choice, Alina Marinescu would never have willing chosen to be an assassin. At least that is what she believes. Still, she is one now and as her husband, Alex, would tell her, "When you cross the line there is no turning back". She has crossed that line and both she and Alex will have to live with the results.
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3 Balance of Power Balance of Power
Written by Monica Ramirez
Copyright: 2013

On a mission to take down one of al Qaeda's leaders, Alina Marinescu has come to the unwanted attention of the CIA and they want her to work with them. The Agency and Elite come to an arrangement and she is paired with Marius Stephano, a CIA expert in Islamic terrorism. They should make a vicious and effective pair but a mole in the CIA is undermining their work and an assassin is stalking Stephano.
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4 Beyond Smoke and Shadows Beyond Smoke and Shadows
Written by Monica Ramirez
Copyright: 2013

Seven years before, Alina Marinescu held her husband Alex as he died. Or did he? It looks now like it might have been staged and if so, Alex could again be in her life personally and professionally. Considering her new partner, Marius Stephano, that would not be a good thing.
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5 Abyss Abyss
Written by Monica Ramirez
Copyright: 2013

Of late, Alina Marinescu has been feeling, "It's not how you play the game, it's how the game plays you..." She does not want her life as it is but there is no changing things. Be an assassin or die. It is as simple and as complicated as that inside Elite, and the more she would want it a different way, it won't change.
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6 Requiem For An Assassin Requiem For An Assassin
Written by Monica Ramirez
Copyright: 2015

Alina Marinescu and her husband, Marius, are still assassins for Elite but they are also parents of two children and living a life almost as normal people. It is a good, if tenuous world. Then Marius' cover business is attacked and all their training will be needed to survive and make sure their children do as well.
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I am sure you have, like me, read a book and thought about what a great movie it would be. In the case of this series, my thoughts were more in the line of a television series, much like the serials becoming common on the cable channels and streaming services in which one season of 8-10 episodes make up a complete adventure.

The books about Marinescu would fit that so very well. And I would gladly join whatever service was showing them just to be able to follow the life and times of this very impressive woman, not to mention the others in her life that are almost as interesting.


My Grade: A-


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