Writing as: Monica Ramirez

According to the bio on Amazon: "Monica Ramirez is a skilful novelist who moves effortlessly from genre to genre, writing powerful and entertaining books. Her work delivers a fascinating, erotic, dark, and sometimes savagely funny page-turner that will both satiate her fans and appeal to new readers of all stripes. Monica's sophisticated stories of assassins and spies explore how the sins of the past reverberate into the present, the multilayered plotlines and complex characters dealing with issues as timely as the daily headlines.

Blue Ink Waters Press

Monica Ramirez was born in Bucharest, Romania. She married in the US, where she published nine books, some of them under the pen name Monica Dane?iu-Pana. Monica studied Creative Writing at the Belford University in California and is a member of the EWA - Espionage Writers of America, as well as of the Romanian Crime Writers Club. She debuted in the US with The Alina Marinescu Series, which in-cludes: The Unwilling Assassin, Whispered Identities, Balance of Power, Beyond Smoke and Shadows, Requiem for an Assassin. Boson Books published her two historical romances, Intimate Strangers Affair and Kit Black, as well as a thriller/romance, called Blackout. Some of her books were also published in Romania, as it follows: The Alina Marinescu Series, Blackout, The Heiress's Knight, a children's tale written for her daughter, Kit Black, How to Write a Best-Seller, Intimate Strangers Affair, Ghost Across the Water, and Double Life in Venice.

Currently, Monica lives in Bucharest, Romania with her husband and four children and is working on a new thriller/romance/fantasy, called Dream Treasure."

Series Books
Alina Marinescu Whispered Identities (2013)
  The Unwilling Assassin (2013)
  Balance of Power (2013)
  Beyond Smoke and Shadows (2013)
  Abyss (2013)
  Requiem For An Assassin (2015)