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Full Name: Julia Grant
Series Name: The Truth Be Told
Nationality: American
Organization: NCTC
Occupation Other - Political Activist

Creator: Lydia Crichton
Time Span: 2013 - 2018


Julia Grant is a political activist.

She is not a spy. She would not want to be a spy. She would scream loudly to the world and particularly the Press if she was ever forced into being one.

At least that is what she thought. Then she found herself pushed and shoved into a world she always knew she would hate and she found that to still be the case. Unfortunately for her, her activism and determined belief in making things better would not allow her to back away from problems she knew she could help fix.

When we first meet her, she is sitting alone staring at the San Francisco Bay view and contemplating her future. She found herself "in the unusual position of being able to start life anew - to re-create herself, in a way. But too much freedom, she had discovered, could be a prison of its own kind. She simply couldn't seem to unshackle the memories and patterns of the past." Life is about to make some of those decisions for her, and one of its instruments will be an agent with U.S. Intelligence, namely the National Counter Terrorism Center.

It turns out that before we learn of her, she had had many trips to Egypt for matters that will become important in her dealings with the government but not, as yet, spy-related. These were of interest to the NCTC and their on-going efforts in the 'War on Terror', a phrase she particularly disliked considering her strong pacifist feelings, "totally opposed to military aggression and violence of any kind".

But she will learn soon that the NCTC was not so much concerned with what she had done in the past but what she could, with her experience in the Middle East, do for them.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2018

1 Grains of Truth Grains of Truth
Written by Lydia Crichton
Copyright: 2013

Julia Grant was no lover of American foreign policy and its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also did not appreciate U.S. Intelligence's interest in her dealings in Egypt. Still, she found herself manipulated by that organization into going back to Egypt where she had to deal with some people trying to kill her and others trying to win her heart.
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2 Shameful Truth Shameful Truth
Written by Lydia Crichton
Copyright: 2018

Though she had no desire to get involved with U.S. Intelligence again, Julia Grant found she had little choice when she unearthed an illegal human smuggling operation. She becomes determined to stop it though that means she has to head into a Mexico with very few laws anymore as well as put her marriage at risk.
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3 Secrets, Lies and Truth Secrets, Lies and Truth
Written by Lydia Crichton
Copyright: 2018

One young man's determination to uncover the duplicity of American pharmaceutical companies in the prescription drug epidemic draws Julia Grant into his fight and puts her as much at risk as he. Once she got over the shock of how far some executives would go for profits, she was solidly into the task.
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It must have been challenging for the author to take a confirmed pacifist like Julia Grant, throw her into situations where lots of different people would be willing to do lots of unpleasant things to her and her friends, and still have her be able to keep most of her beliefs intact. All without making her come across as an ostrich head-burier. But the author did it.

This series is a trilogy with the covername of The Truth Be Told and it does a good job of telling various sides' version of the truth.


My Grade: B+


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