Writing as: Lydia Crichton

According to the bio on Amazon: "Novelist Lydia Crichton has a passion for telling stories that entertain as they explore complex and controversial social and political issues. TRUTH BE TOLD, her Political Thriller series, features fiery liberal Julia Grant along with "...unique characters and high drama." GRAINS OF TRUTH, the first book in the series received all-round praise. "Crichton must be a natural born story-teller." Living for many years in San Francisco, as well as New York, Miami, London and Cairo, opened Lydia's mind to new ideas and other points of view. Extensive international travel furthered her education in many invaluable and unexpected ways. On a trip to Egypt in 2002, poignant experiences led to her discovery of a love for writing. Lydia currently lives happily in Cuenca, Ecuador, doing all the things she loves: Writing, eating, enjoying the beauty of nature high in the Andes Mountains and ... writing! She continues to explore Truths that she feels deserve a spotlight on the world stage."

Series Books
Julia Grant Grains of Truth (2013)
  Shameful Truth (2018)
  Secrets, Lies and Truth (2018)