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Full Name: 'Doc' Strathmore
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mike Dudek
Time Span: 2003 - 2018


Doc Strathmore is an agent with American Intelligence.

That's the best I can come up with. When we first meet him, he is being asked via a very covert way, to attend a highly secret meeting of some high-level government officials, invited by a Supreme Court Justice, which is rather unusual.

We learn later this:

"David Strathmore, code name DOC, was an elite covert agent tasked with finding traitors and often eliminating the problem. He was trained by the best spies in the world. Because some of the traitors were in the CIA, his training took place around the world. Charles De Gaul's personal driver taught him defensive driving. Experts in the Mossad taught him weapons skills using anything from knives to exotic firearms.  In Japan he learned hand-to-hand combat and how to make and use ordinary items as exotic weapons. A secure site in Silicon Valley taught him computer hacking techniques.

"Eventually, he retired from the active life of a spy, although the only way to retire was to die in that occupation. To live was to always be aware someone was going to try to kill you. Because of this possibility, Doc kept himself fit, trim and agile. He also kept up his skills with guns, blades and unarmed combat. His name was engraved on the Vietnam wall. A Supreme Court Judge and his secretary, Shelly Coyne, arranged all of the paperwork to enable him to live a normal life.  There was a catch!  If the sovereignty of the United States was endangered, the high court would convene.  They would offer to reinstate his license to kill if he would take on the challenge.  The United

States would pick up all expenses and offer any and all assistance. As he was officially dead, he did not have any pension or benefits. So Doc would be paid a fee of a considerable amount to compensate him."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2003
Last Appearance:2018

1 Plague For Profit Plague For Profit
Written by Mike Dudek
Copyright: 2003

An accident in Iraq created a combination of biological and chemical weapons to produce a short-term plague. A head of a pharmaceutical company gets hold of it and uses it to eliminate politicians causing him trouble. When he prepares to release it into the public and sell a cure, Doc Strathmore gets involved.
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2 Surgical Counter-Terrorism Surgical Counter-Terrorism
Written by Mike Dudek
Copyright: 2015

A band of international organ traffickers have broken in the medical records of the U.S. military and government employees, giving them the ability to know who the best non-volunteer donors might be. It is up to Doc Strathmore and his team to stop them.
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3 Europe On Fire Europe On Fire
Written by Mike Dudek
Copyright: 2018

A billionaire software genius has the means to cause eruptions in a good number of volcanoes in Europe. He is hoping that by doing so, he can bring out the end of humanity to cause God to come to earth. Doc Strathmore and his team would rather that did not happen.
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If you are in the mood for an agent who is so incredibly good he makes all other agents want to call him 'Sir'. This is the series for you. Strathmore is beyond unbelievable. And that kinda makes him fun to read because you have to wonder what impossible feat will he accomplish next.

Now the writing is good and fairly solid but the dialogue is rough and not quite normal. The plotting is certainly intended to throw the kitchen sink at Strathmore along with everything else and it certainly does that. He catches it, by the way, uses it to wash the dishes and then bangs it over the heads of some bad guys. Naturally, it is put back in perfect running order afterwards.

All that sound cruel but these books were, in their own way, fun to read.


My Grade: B-


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