Writing as: Mike Dudek

According to the bio on Amazon: " am Mike Dudek. I live in Johnstown, PA with my wife. I enjoy writing and always have. In high school (Johnstown High) I won a writing contest and got my first job working for the local newspaper. (It was in circulation - no writing). I went to the University on Pittsburgh in Johnstown. I was on the local newspaper. I paid for my tuition by selling ads in the college newspaper. (Commission) I became the advertising manager of the paper. I went to Pitt main campus in Pittsburgh, and as a matter of making money I did the layout of the Pitt News. (Bills needed paid). I started my own business as an insurance man. (Tom Clancy started out the same way). I wrote articles on marketing and computer integration for agency management. I ended up writing 15 technical books (now obsolete - technology moves very fast). I have written 7 more books for entertainment. My insurance business is extremely competitive and stressful. The escape for me is to write. I wrote the Fairytale of the Morley Dog in the waiting room of a hospital while waiting for the doctors to get my mother-in-law admitted. (10 hours). It was a fun spoof book full of exaggerated fabrications. "

Series Books
Doc Strathmore Plague For Profit (2003)
  Surgical Counter-Terrorism (2015)
  Europe On Fire (2018)