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Full Name: Magus Crayle
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dennis Bowen
Time Span: 2012 - 2020


Magus Crayle is an agent with the CIA.

That is what people tell him and why would they lie? He wouldn't know, at least when we first meet him, because he suffers from amnesia, having been in a very nasty car accident from which he barely survived, and cannot remember for himself. Which is why he is assigned a couple of people to watch over him, one from the FBI and one a private investigator. Remembering, though, is going to take time and there are people out there who definitely do not want his memory to come back.

In his own words, "My name is Magus Crayle. I know that because I have been told. I have awakened to a world I do not remember. I look about at my surroundings as I suppose does a baby, but a baby, I am not. My private investigator has recovered that I was a government functionary - perhaps a mathematician. Also my university. But no parents, siblings, wife, children, friends - nothing. I have myself discovered familiarity with an Oriental philosophy ... and an artist, Yao-wu. I recall one rock and roll song. I am a grown man of ... I don''t know the years. There are healed bruises and gashes on my body. I am rehabilitating from a near-fatal automobile crash in which I should have died. ... I am Magus Crayle."

As those memories that elude Crayle so much start to come back, he sometimes learns and sometimes remembers he was once associated with the CIA and that he was a mathematician. Except there are probably not many math experts who have the abilities that Crayle learns he has. When nasty people come to try and finish the job of eliminating him, he is able to use what lay about to remove them. This is understandably confusing. As he thinks, "Reconciling those lethal survival skills to his government-job title of mathematician and foremost world-conquest planner would take time."

It is that 'world-conquest planner' that forms the crux for all the adventures that Crayle is forced into. Before his accident, which of course was no accident, he had involved in coming up with a sequence of events that would transform governments like China, Russia, France, the U.K., and the U.S. into wildly different states - a return of sorts to the old ways. Kings and Emperors and autocracies controlled ultimately by the super secret Illumine.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Water Diamonds The Water Diamonds
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2012

Magus Crayle is an amnesiac and is part of a secret program to help him recall his past. There are those who very much want him dead and when they try, Crayle is amazed to learn how talented he is at survival. But remembering is vital because something in his past has got several governments worried. It has him nervous, too.
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2 The Blackstone Perfection The Blackstone Perfection
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2013

Back before his memory loss, Magus Crayle had come up with a scheme worthy of Machiavelli to disrupt governments all over the globe. As he learns more, more powerful people want him dead and Crayle wants what he had once planned stopped. His biggest challenge is not staying alive but in defeating himself.
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3 The Crystal Seduction The Crystal Seduction
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2014

Sylvain Lalumière is an enemy from Magus Crayle's past who is putting nations against each other and bringing down governments, all using Crayle's plan. Crayle, though, is determined to stop him and the rest of the Illumine cabal.
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4 The Redrock Quarantine The Redrock Quarantine
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2015

The Illumine's plot to bring down the major governments of the world seems to be working. Magus Crayle and his friends are still active at stopping him but now some have to wonder if it might be best to just walk away.
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5 The Final Masquerade The Final Masquerade
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2016

Though Magus Crayle has the backing of the American President, trying to stop the Illumine cabal is proving extremely difficult and their plot to overthrow numerous governments using the plan Crayle once devised is working too well.
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6 The Virtue Transition The Virtue Transition
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2018

Magus Crayle wants only to find peace and serenity in the mountains of southern California but there remains the promise to the President to take the helm of the CIA and the matter of Empress Ling of China and the miniature nuclear bombs her country is making. And the question of who instigated the attack him.
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7 The Jasmine Negative The Jasmine Negative
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2019

The cabal known as the Illumine is still determined to destroy the governments of the world and to take control after the carnage. The crew lead by Magus Crayle has managed to stop them so far but the latest onslaught finds the Crayle team exhausted and unsure if they have it in them for another protracted fight.
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8 The Gospel Labyrinth The Gospel Labyrinth
Written by Dennis Bowen
Copyright: 2020

Recently named the DCI, Magus Crayle is hoping for a brief time before taking office to solidify his new life with wife Hekka and their baby daughter. Unfortunately, the remaining members of the Illumine have plans to make use of the nuclear devices they had taken possession of before their factory was destroyed. And they do not plan to just sit on them.
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This series, dubbed the 'International Thriller Series', is a conspiracy-lovers heaven. The Illumine, which I knew as the Illuminati as a teenager reading numerous stories about the ultra-secret backroom manipulation organization, is out to "restore" the world to its rightful condition of monarchies and the like, all ultimately controlled by them.

As in any conspiracy, little by little information is gleaned and eventually you have enough to know that you have no idea how much you still do not know.

And that likes my only complaint about this well crafted and written series. The author means for the reader to learn things in small amounts and that is exactly what happens - and something that annoys me. This is my fault, though, not the author. He does a darn good job. I just hate being in the dark. But you may not have my bias and if so, this will be a treat.

Good line:

"If Central Intelligence has [a mantra], it is you can retire any time you like, but you can never leave."


My Grade: B


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