Writing as: Dennis Bowen

According to a bio on Amazon: "A native Californian, Dennis Bowen has a long-standing commitment to international affairs, has traveled to more than 70 countries, and is a member of the World Affairs Council. Add to the mix his classified defense and intelligence community background, service with military amphibious forces in a war zone, and it's not surprising that this eclectic writer pens International Thrillers. When not traveling the globe to conduct book research, he resides on the Southern California coast."

Series Books
Magus Crayle The Water Diamonds (2012)
  The Blackstone Perfection (2013)
  The Crystal Seduction (2014)
  The Redrock Quarantine (2015)
  The Final Masquerade (2016)
  The Virtue Transition (2018)
  The Jasmine Negative (2019)
  The Gospel Labyrinth (2020)