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Full Name: Richard Chase
Series Name: The Chase Files
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Patricia Goodsell
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


First Look:
       Richard Chase is an agent with the CIA.
       His daughter, Alexandria, is not.
       It is important to know the distinction from the beginning of this exciting trilogy because Chase's actions in the performance of his job will have a direct and personal impact on his adult daughter and what in turn happens to her will very much change the life of the father. It will all center around the actions, illegal and dangerous to the country, of Thomas Greer, "a man of refined tasts and substantial means, mostly stolen of course".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 The Chase Is On The Chase Is On
Written by Patricia Goodsell
Copyright: 2013

"Thomas Greer was a man of refined tastes and substantial means, mostly stolen of course. So despite the chaos currently surrounding him as his men were in the process of flipping drawers and tearing sofa cushions apart he had no problem relaxing in the beautiful wing-back chair, with his Italian loafers propped up on a low mahogany coffee table, next to a bottle of red he had found in the kitchen. Casually swirling some of the contents he had poured into a large wine glass, he glanced over at the fireplace and found himself wishing for a different scene, that of a warm crackling fire rather than two of his lackeys poking through the cold charred ashes.
But the mission remained the primary objective and if they wished to succeed in their task they needed that disc. A shame, he thought, taking another slow draft from his glass, that the girl got away. With her in their custody he had no doubt that despite all his CIA training, Richard Chase would sing like a canary."
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2 A Desperate Chase A Desperate Chase
Written by Patricia Goodsell
Copyright: 2014

"Its been months and Alexandra Chase is still having nightmares. With an unknown number of Greer's crew still on the loose, including Rafe, Alexandra finds herself looking over her shoulder at every turn fearing the day he will surely come for her again. And this fear only increases as Greer's trial approaches. Is it really just PTSD as her father seems to believe or valid intuition?"
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3 A Chase To Die For A Chase To Die For
Written by Patricia Goodsell
Copyright: 2015

"The Chase Files Trilogy comes to an end in this last breathtaking tale. Alexandra Chase is gone, Thomas Greer is free, and our own National Security faces an unprecedented threat. In a sea of exciting new characters the questions abound. Who can we trust, where will Greer strike next, and can the CIA's leading agent put aside his grief long enough to stop him?"
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