Writing as: Patricia Goodsell

According to the bio on Amazon: "I have been writing competitively ever since the age of 7 when I won my first writing award from 'Pen Pencil and Brush' for a short story about Emperor Penguins.

Though I rarely write about penguins anymore, I still write something everyday. For the past several years it has been my privilege and absolute pleasure to dive into the world of espionage with The Chase Files Series. This three volume tale of a Father whose work in the CIA has a bad habit of following him home, would not have begun without the insurmountable support and encouragement from my family, the wonderful team at, and of course my fellow authors, whose work I happily devour whenever I get the chance and whose stories inspire me to dream bigger!

Its certainly my current goal as I endeavor to complete the third and final volume in this series, "A Chase To Die For" set to be released sometime this fall."

Series Books
Richard Chase The Chase Is On (2013)
  A Desperate Chase (2014)
  A Chase To Die For (2015)