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Full Name: Sleeping Dogs
Nationality: American
Organization: Sleeping Dogs
Occupation Agency

Creator: John Wayne Falbey
Time Span: 2014 - 2018


The Sleeping Dogs is a group inside American Intelligence.

At least, two decades ago it was. It was seen by the top echelon in the intelligence community that terrorism was becoming a clear and present danger to the country and that since the new enemy was able to strike when and how it liked with no mercy and no conscience, it was vital for the survival of the West that it create a force just as ruthless and just as determined. The best men and women from every Special Forces group were culled and then trained even harder until they were sharper than any opponent they were likely to come up against. For a time, they did their job swiftly, violently, and silently and proved just how valuable they were.

But Administrations change. Values change. Objectives shift. And ideas on how things should be done and enemies fought change. So it was with the Sleeping Dogs. Where one leadership saw them as saviours of freedom, another saw them as vicious killers violating rights and breaking laws. So the program was scrapped. The Sleeping Dogs were put away.

Now an old enemy hidden long ago has been revealed and the Sleeping Dogs, much older and rusty, are again needed. The questions they must ask themselves, though, are: Are they able? Are they willing? And will they even have a chance to try.

These are important questions that come to mind of Brendan Whelan, the former leader of the Sleeping Dogs, and he must ask them of himself before he can bring himself to ask it of the others. And what will he do if they say no? Can the country survive without them? Can they survive if they say yes?


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2018

1 Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening
Written by John Wayne Falbey
Copyright: 2014

A group of people wanting to stop the powerful AGU has recalled the agents of the Sleeping Dogs with the goal of finding the money man behind the funding of numerous terrorist attacks. These operatives are a good deal older and the question remains if they still have what it took to survive.
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2 Endangered Species Endangered Species
Written by John Wayne Falbey
Copyright: 2014

The President has issued a secret order for the destruction of the Sleeping Dogs program and the permanent termination of its agents. If that is not bad enough, an FBI agent is himself out to kill the leader, Brendan Whelan because of a perceived affair. Life expectancy for them is very low.
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3 The Year Of The Dog The Year Of The Dog
Written by John Wayne Falbey
Copyright: 2016

Brendan Whelan must somehow put together a portion of the Sleeping Dogs to handle yet another emergency, this one coming from both Russia and China, but several members are in prison, one is fighting the bottle and another is on a misison of revenge for the loss of his family.
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4 The Dogs Of War The Dogs Of War
Written by John Wayne Falbey
Copyright: 2017

Once more the Sleeping Dogs are very much in need. Hundreds of Islamic terrorists are inside the borders. China is grabbing land all over Asia. Russia is leering hungrily at Europe. And Brendan Whelan must deal with problems much closer to home.
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5 A Deadlier Breed A Deadlier Breed
Written by John Wayne Falbey
Copyright: 2018

Even as the President appeals to Brendan Whelan and his Sleeping Dogs to find the terrorists who used a nuclear weapon inside the country, Whelan must deal with a Congressional investigation as well as find a way to resolve the crisis his own marriage is facing. Saving the country may mean losing everything he loves.
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Well, talk about ungrateful. They are picked to do a job, hired to do it, trained to do it, do it better than could be reasonably hoped, and then some time later it is feared the truth of it will come out so, hey, let's off the people we had do it. Ungrateful.

And talk about stupid. They hired a group of people they thought could do the job, trained them to do it, and then expected these people would just let themselves be eliminated.

For action and adventure, there is definitely something to be said about this exciting series but if you are like me, you will growl more than a couple times at how unfair things can get. And then you will grin when the good guys succeed.


My Grade: B


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