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Full Name: Jarvis Love
Nationality: American
Organization: GIN
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Hopwood
Time Span: 2012 - 2020


Jarvis Love is an agent with the G.I.N.

That acronym stands for the Global Intelligence Network (G.I.N.). This department in the British Intelligence community consists of a "chain of operatives all around the globe, who are prepared to think and operate ... outside the box". The Director of G.I.N. answered only to the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister, giving him tremendous power and latitude in missions to take or to leave behind.

The secret headquarters for the English branch of G.I.N. was at the Entwhistle's School of Ballet.

We learn straight off that "Love was only twenty-four years of age, had short dark hair, and piercing bright blue eyes. His complexion was pale, the sure sign of a man who had spent too much time in London, but his skin was clear and free from the ravages of age, such as wrinkles and other blemishes. He was also the youngest man working in the London office of the Global Intelligence Network, a fact that caused some resentment amongst his colleagues. He had worked as an operative for G.I.N. for two years, mostly in the new Electronic Code Breaking department. Computer technology was revolutionizing the way intelligence organizations functioned, and Love was slowly coming to terms with the new technology. However, he was also being groomed for field work, undertaking combat training once a month at a top secret establishment in the north of the country; and a weekly small arms shoot at a underground target range. Then every twelve months he would endure nine days of extreme physical training at an SAS training camp in Herefordshire. Despite this, he had never once been offered an assignment."

Which is when we first meet him, sitting in the outer office at the ballet school, waiting to go into his supervisor's office exciting he might actually get an assignment. "In intelligence circles, as an agent, Jarvis Love was pretty much a nobody. Although he was highly trained, he had never really had the chance to prove his skills." Being a 'nobody' is bad enough for one's ego but in the case of Love, he also had the burden of being something of a celebrity for something he had no control over: his father was Franklin Love, the head of G.I.N.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Danakil Deception The Danakil Deception
Written by James Hopwood
Copyright: 2014

The year is 1966. The discovery in a dig in Ethiopia of a ruby 6' in diameter has the scientific world abuzz but the gigantic gem is also useful in making a horrible weapon. Jarvis Love is sent to verify the find but he is soon in conflict with a neo-Nazi out to wipe out the world's leaders all at once.
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2 The Ambrosia Kill The Ambrosia Kill
Written by James Hopwood
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1967. Having lost a partner in a previous mission, Jarvis Love is determined to always work alone. In the latest mission to find out why a G.I.N. agent was killed in New Guinea, Love is sent to investigate. He is forced to work with Miranda Jess which puts him in stress, especially when they learn of a plan to put a mind-altering drug in the world's water supply.
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3 Declassified Declassified
Written by David Foster
Copyright: 2020

Collection of the "first five missions of Jarvis Love" including the two novels, two novellas, and a short story. This comprises the first set of adventures for Love.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 The Librio Defection The Librio Defection
Written by James Hopwood
Copyright: 2012

The year is 1966. The greatest violinist in the world, Alexander Stanislas, wants to defect from the Soviet Union. His condition is that his Italian mistress, Belladona Librio, come with him. Unfortunately she is in Italy under the control of Soviet agents making she sure goes nowhere. Jarvis Love is the young agent assigned to get her to freedom.
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Acclaimed author Paul Bishop, a man who knows a thing or three about good writing and good adventures, wrote about this series, "Espionage fiction is fun again". And he is dead on with that. This series is fun. It is funny in parts but it is by no means a comedy. It just does not take itself, or the character or the situation he finds himself in, too seriously. When the author wrote these stories, he did not leave out the enjoyment factor.

I got to feeling sorry for Jarvis because he really does try hard to be good at his job but no matter how well he does, it will never be as good as dead old dad. And any glory he might have earned from his accomplishments will just be written off as a fluke because of nepotism.

We, luckily, can see what they cannot - that Love really is doing a good job, mostly.


My Grade: B


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