Writing as: David Foster, James Hopwood

According to the bio on Amazon: "David James Foster writes under the pen name, James Hopwood. He is the author of the retro-spy thrillers, The Librio Defection, The Danakil Deception and The Ambrosia Kill. His short fiction has been published by Sempre Vigil Press, Crime Factory, Airship 27, and Pro Se Publications.

Writing as Jack Tunney, he also scribed King of the Outback, Rumble in the Jungle, and The Iron Fists of Ned Kelly, books in the popular Fight Car"

Series Books
David Foster
Jarvis Love Declassified (2020)
James Hopwood
Checkpoint Charley Beyond The Iron Curtain (2022)
  99 Luftbalons (ss) (2022)
Covert Ops: Gemini Bridge Over Troubled Water (ss) (2020)
Jarvis Love The Librio Defection (ss) (2012)
  The Danakil Deception (2014)
  The Ambrosia Kill (2016)