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Full Name: Cassandra Crossing
Series Name: The Cassandra Crossing Assignments
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael O'Gara
Time Span: 1976 - 2018


Cassandra Crossing is an agent with American Intelligence.

That is about as close as I can come to who she works for. Or at least used to work for. When we meet her, her covert operating days have come to a loud and bloody end thanks to a shootout in South America. That and the fact that her father chose to run for President and quickly became the front-runner. With her picture and that of her twin brother plastered everywhere on newspapers and television and the Internet, anonymity is not an option.

Crossing is in her [likely] early 30's when the first recorded adventure happens. Her younger twin, Cal, had chosen to go into politics like his father and was already a Congressman. Crossing had no such interests and far preferred the excitement and the danger of secret intelligence work. She certainly did not need the employment to pay the bills, being quite wealthy through inheritance, but chose it because it not only excited her, it gave her purpose.

She is described as having a "five foot ten athletic frame [which] moved with the grace of a jungle cat. She gave off an air of raw physical power and in her case it was not false". We learn of her exceptional fighting ability early on in the series when she recognizes she is being set up for a mugging but a man and woman team and almost gleefully walks into it, taking them both down in seconds leaving one with a broken jaw and the other a smashed testicle, among other discomforts.

Crossing has a sharp mind and a strong opinion and no qualms about backing up her beliefs with actions.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2018

1 Crossing Cassandra Crossing Cassandra
Written by Michael O'Gara
Copyright: 2013

Cassandra Crossing had had a good career going as a covert operative but when her father chose to run for President, that ended. Now she is asked by the outgoing U.S. leader to help with an escalating border crisis which will make her a target like never before. When a huge bounty is put on her head, she will have to take the fight to them.

2 Ambassador Death: Dangerous Diplomacy Ambassador Death: Dangerous Diplomacy
aka Ambassador Death, aka Dangerous Diplomacy
Written by Michael O'Gara
Copyright: 2018

Cassandra Crossing is a celebrity now after the events at the border in the previous adventure. Now she is being asked to not work as a covert operative but as a diplomat to help repair relations with Mexico. She should have to use her tact, not her fighting skills. She will need both.
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Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1976

The sole entry here is NOT about the woman in this series. The name is the almost the same (just an added definite article) but there is no other connection.

1 The Cassandra Crossing The Cassandra Crossing
Director: George P. Cosmatos
Writers: Tom Mankiewicz, Robert Katz
Actors: Sophia Loren as Jennifer Rispoli Chamberlain, Richard Harris as Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain, Martin Sheen as Robby Navarro, Burt Lancaster as Colonel Stephen Mackenzie, Ava Gardner as Nicole Dressler
Released: 1976

"Passengers on a European train have been exposed to a deadly disease. Nobody will let them off the train. So what happens next?"
Note: This is NOT about the woman in this series. Since the name is almost the same, I mention it here ONLY to let everyone know there is nothing to know. That and the movie had Sophie Loren which is enough to warrant mentioning anytime.


I really liked Cassandra Crossing. I did not care for the series very much because it a) spent more time preaching to me about any number of things and b) was pretty disjointed when doing so. Situations seems set up just to give her, or more often someone else, a chance to pontificate over something or other. Then Cassandra would beat someone up and more on.

But when the series concentrated on her, I liked it. She has a pretty no-nonsense approach to life. Play nice or get hurt. I would choose to former. I would not likely choose any more books in this series.


My Grade: B-


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