Writing as: Michael O'Gara

According to the bio on Amazon: "Michael's novels include historical fiction, romance, Christian novels, thrillers, westerns, action adventure, contemporary, fantasy and science fiction novels. His novels sell internationally. He says he likes to write books that are portals to entertaining virtual worlds which readers can escape into.

Michael has earned Master of Fine Art, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Art degrees. He lives in the heartland with his wife Ronda. He has written 51 novels all of which are not yet published. Many of the unpublished novels will be released this year."

Series Books
Cassandra Crossing Crossing Cassandra (2013)
  Ambassador Death: Dangerous Diplomacy (2018)
Other The Windfall Sheriff [Millie Mysteries] (2011)
  The Deliberate Sherrif [Millie Mysteries] (2011)
  The Happenstance Marshal: Lucky Lady Lawman [Millie Mysteries] (2011)
  The Persistent Sheriff [Millie Mysteries] (2011)
  Sword, Cross And Crown (2011)
  The Mentor Sheriff [Millie Mysteries] (2012)
  The Mogul Sheriff [Millie Mysteries] (2012)
  The Caring Sheriff [Millie Mysteries] (2013)
  Sinister Intent (2013)
  The Duchess And The Warlock (2014)
  Mir: Battle Queen (2014)
  Generational Sin (2014)
  Gunnerson's Gunners [Gunnerson's Adventures] (2014)
  Gunnerson's War [Gunnerson's Adventures] (2014)
  Trexis: Prince Of War (2015)
  The Noble Warrior (2015)
  Warrior And King (2015)
  Noble Slayer (2015)
  13 Warriors (2015)
  The Lady Shootist (2015)
  Drift River Romance (2015)
  Carter Bridge And The Mesa Twins (2015)
  Ayla: Warrior Princess [Ayla Warrior] (2015)
  Dash For Justice (2015)
  Roy And The Italian Beauty (2015)
  12 Warriors: The Survivors (2015)
  The Armorer (2016)
  Unlikely Hero (2016)
  Ansgar Rising [Ansgar Chronicles] (2017)
  Altering Ansgar [Ansgar Chronicles] (2017)
  Born To The Sword (2018)
  Ansgar Kahn Planet Conqueror [Ansgar Chronicles] (2018)
  A Max Life (2018)
  Ayla: Warrior Queen [Ayla Warrior] (2018)
  Storm: Bronze Age Victor [Storm Saga] (2018)
  Storm: Bronze Age Warrior [Storm Saga] (2018)
  Rush: Warlord (2018)
  Orphan Lord (2018)
  Edge Of Knights (2018)
  The Outlaw Sheriff (2018)
  For Honor: A Knight's Tale (2019)
  The Fierce Kelly Sisters (2019)
  Storm: Bronze Age Chief [Storm Saga] (2019)