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Full Name: Cyril Landry
Nationality: American
Organization: The Shop
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. Carson Black
Time Span: 2012 - 2015


Cyril Landry is an agent with The Shop.

The Shop is a ultra-covert organization within the American intelligence community which bills itself as the ultimate defense of the country (my words). So little is actually told of the department that I cannot really say much more except that its agents are really, really good.

Well, good at their job. The idea of being good people is something else entirely. These operatives, Landry especially, are hardly more than automatons. Pointed to a location and they will eliminate everyone in the place regardless of, well, anything. Their masters say kill and they kill.

A former Navy SEAL, Landry is a leader of what is likely the best of the teams.

He has been doing this kind of work for quite a few years when we first meet him and while there is no number associated with it, the death count has to be quite high. His cold-bloodedness is really quite unsettling, likely because what's one or five more.

And yet! This man is also a loving husband and father to a wonderful teenage daughter. He really regrets when duty calls and he has to say goodbye, which according to his wife according to him is all the time. Still, when the summons comes he gives them fond but sad farewells. Then heads out to kill whoever he is told to without so much as a single question why.

[If you think I had bad feelings about this man, you are very right!]

Now shortly after we meet him, he apparently grows a conscience and speaks up which naturally puts his own family as well as himself at risk. This largely after slitting the throat of a young innocent actress/singer who coincidentally is the subject of posters in his daughter's room. It might have been nice to have had this pang before killing her but at least he sadly recalls her final moments as the blade ended her.

How the rest of the series goes, I will never, ever know.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Shop The Shop
Written by J. Carson Black
Copyright: 2012

Until he eliminated the pop star in Aspen, Cyril Landry had been a loyal operative for The Shop. Now he wonders why the killing was ordered and asking questions of the organization is frowned upon. Meanwhile in Florida, a police chief is murdered and one of the detectives looking into it finds evidence pointing to the Attorney General. The two will work their own ways to the middle where they meet and join.
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2 Hard Return Hard Return
Written by J. Carson Black
Copyright: 2014

For three years Cyril Landry has been dead, killed in a firefire off Florida. His wife and teenage daughter have had to move on. Then a man dressed in black opens up his M16 on a school killing eight, one of whom was his daughter's boyfriend. Landry had been watching his daughter from a distance and eliminated the shooter but now his being alive is proven and and he is certain someone is using his family as bait.
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3 Spectre Black Spectre Black
Written by J. Carson Black
Copyright: 2015

Detective Jolie Burke is awakened by the sound on intruders. She wisely flees since she has no idea who or how many and she determines she will need help. She contacts Cyril Landry for that assistance but when he shows up in New Mexico to help, she is missing, leaving a lot of mystery and trouble.
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I was stunned beyond words with this piece of .... I do not know what.

It had sounded interesting when I got all three books. The last two really sounded good and for all I know, they may be great. As I said above, I will never know. That is how offended and disgusted I was at not only what Landry did but how he did it and thought about it later.

And this is from a man who has read numerous series about paid assassins. At least I could make myself believe the victims were deserving of it. Not in this case.

Maybe some day I will learn I am wrong.


My Grade: C


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