Writing as: J. Carson Black

According to the bio on her website: "I love horseracing, cats & dogs, unspoiled natural places–and road trips. I’ve been married to my soul mate, Glenn McCreedy, for 34 years. My reading taste runs strongly to thrillers and crime fiction, which is what I write. I have been known to sing in the shower. Lately I’ve been singing “Salce Salce” and “Musetta’s Waltz.” (I used to be an opera singer.)

…Did I mention I love horseracing?

I am a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. I thought my life would change and a Heavenly choir would follow me from room to room, but I still hang laundry out on the line, one T-shirt at a time. (In California, it’s called “eco-friendly.” In Arizona, it’s called “might as well use this dang heat for something.”) I write two female homicide cops and one very special special ops guy named Cyril Landry. I follow along with him on his adventures—he’s quite polite about it, even though sometimes I wonder if I’ll blow his cover.

Laura Cardinal, on the other hand, is a homicide cop with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. She troubleshoots crime scenes in small towns. And then there’s Santa Cruz County sheriff’s deputy Tess McCrae—who has an eidetic memory, not to mention a big heart."

Series Books
Cyril Landry The Shop (2012)
  Hard Return (2014)
  Spectre Black (2015)