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Full Name: Alan Cormack & Tony Woodward
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Baddock
Time Span: 2013 - 2013


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       Alan Cormack is a Royal Marine Commando Captain. Tony Woodward is a Flight Lieutenant with the Royal Air Force.
       Circumstances and war will put the two gentlemen together for three exciting adventures, two during the Second World War and one a few years later during the Berlin Blockade in 1948.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2013

1 The Dutch Caper The Dutch Caper
aka The Radar Job
Written by James Baddock
Copyright: 2013

On May 9, 1943, while World War II raged in Europe, a German Ju88 night fighter landed at Dyce Airfield, Aberdeen, Scotland, equipped with the new FuG202 Liechtenstein airborne radar. The authorities have never disclosed the story of where this plane came from and how it reached the UK.
Originally published as The Radar Job in the UK, The Dutch Caper weaves fact and fiction into a gripping story of what might have happened. British losses of aircraft and men were mounting at such an alarming rate, because of the new German radar, that the order came down that at all costs the RAF had to get its hands on one and study it if they were to maintain their hard won victory during the Battle of Britain. So two men, Royal Marine Commando Captain Alan Cormack, and Flight Lieutenant Tony Woodward, are sent to Nazi-occupied Holland to work with the Dutch Resistance. Their mission: To steal one of the German night fighters with the new radar on board from under the very noses of the Gestapo, the SS and the Luftwaffe. Their chances: slim to none.
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2 Emerald Emerald
Written by James Baddock
Copyright: 2013

"Emerald is the fast-moving sequel to The Dutch Caper, showing Cormack and Woodward being flown into Berlin in order to bring out ‘Emerald’, the mistress of a high-ranking member of Hitler’s staff in Berlin but also a long-standing British undercover agent. She has been passing on information from Hitler’s Berlin Bunker for several months now, but has now become the object of an intensive Gestapo search. Emerald’s real name is Marianne Kovacs, the Irish born wife of a Hungarian diplomat, who has been working for SIS for four years, but who knows that she stands little chance of survival if she remains in Berlin. (Her character is based on an actual British agent, whose fate in real life remains a mystery.) Cormack, Woodward and Marianne have to escape from a Berlin that is being systematically destroyed by the approaching Soviet Army, with the Gestapo hot on their heels. To add to their problems, the Soviet NKVD (the fore-runner of the KGB) starts to take an interest in them as well…"
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3 Berlin Game Berlin Game
Written by James Baddock
Copyright: 2013

"set during the Berlin Blockade of 1948, which has sometimes been described as the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1940s, where a highly volatile situation could easily have developed into a full-blown conflict. Cormack arrives in Berlin to take over a new post as the head of a counter-intelligence unit whose job is both to detect Soviet agents and to deal with Black Market activity. He is soon re-united with his old friend Woodward, who is involved in the Airlift, and the two find themselves in the middle of an undercover operation in which an ex-Nazi assassin has been smuggled into Berlin. But who has he been sent to kill, and why? Their investigations lead them into discovering the shadowy outlines of a conspiracy whose plans, if successful, could lead to millions of deaths… and some of the conspirators seem to be their own superiors. Not knowing whom they can trust, Cormack and Woodward somehow have to prevent the assassination taking place. They do not even know who the victim is to be, nor where or when it is to happen, but the price of failure is World War Three…"
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