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Full Name: Alexandria Kingston
Codename: The Griffin
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Morgan Hannah MacDonald
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


Alexandria Kingston is an agent with the CIA.

As the blurb I read for the first recorded adventure indicates, "Like a viper, she strikes when you least expect it. She's the deadliest operative the CIA has ever known. Alexandria Kingston is The Griffin." That is her codename with the Agency and it must have been used a lot because while her actual identity is unknown to all but a handful of people, the Griffin in known, feared, and hated by a lot of bad people in the world showing that Kingston has definitely gotten around.

She was born Mandy Hall, daughter in an extremely disfunctional family. When she was five years old, she and her ailing twin brother, Andy, had been left alone for days in their tiny trailer home with little food. As her brother's illness got worse, the tiny girl went out into the night to seek help and was found by a woman driving by. When the two returned to the trailer, they discovered that the boy had succombed to the sickness, her mother had returned with her drunk boyfriend and had a fight, and the boyfriend shot the mother and then himself. Like I said, disfunctional.

The woman who had found her was Maggie, wife to Daniel Murphy, head of one of the Irish mob families in Boston and mother to several growing boys. Little Mandy was taken in by the Murphy family and raised as their own though officially she was just a friend of the family.

After Kingston graduated, she wanted to join the military to serve her country but the Murphy's convinced her she should instead try for one of the alphabet agencies. She chose the CIA and for the past almost decade she had become one of that organization's fiercest assassins.

"When she'd started at the CIA, it had been suggested she use a disguise and an assumed name at all times except at HQ or with her loved ones. The explanation her case officer gave was that her looks [she was quite breathtaking] were too unique for anyone not to remember. It was best to be able to blend in with a crowd, not to stand out in one."

Now situations back in Boston have brought her back home where a lot of people are about to learn just how deadly the Griffin can be.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Code Name: Griffin Code Name: Griffin
Written by Morgan Hannah MacDonald
Copyright: 2018

Alexandria Kingston had settled in Paris for her job as an operative for the CIA because upon the death of her adoptive father, she was banished from the only home she had ever known. Now after some time as a government assassin, she is needed back at home and she will learn the truth of why she was sent away.
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2 Kill The Griffin Kill The Griffin
Written by Morgan Hannah MacDonald
Copyright: 2018

As Alexandria Kingston reconnects with her estranged family as well as old friends, someone called the Shredder is determined to kill the Griffin and he is good enough to actually have a chance.
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3 Griffin's Revenge Griffin's Revenge
Written by Morgan Hannah MacDonald
Copyright: 2019

Finding out who is behind the $5 million price on her head, Alexandria Kingston knows that to put an end to the trouble she must leave home but that means leaving an old flame for which the things are heating up and to work with a former lover.
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I was addicted to this three-book series and wanted more of the Griffin when I finished. I know that does not look like it when you consider the grade I gave it but the grade is there mainly because the overall flow of the books and the illogical sequence of events. The characters and her 'brothers' are a hoot and kept wanting to know what happened next. I am indeed a sucker for an interesting protagonist and Alexandria Kingston is definitely one.

I also loved the fact that none of her older brothers thought of her as anything other than a mousy 'Princess' from the years they were growing up, right up until she showed how deadly her Griffin persona really was.


My Grade: B


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