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Full Name: Ray Crawley
Nationality: Australian
Organization: Federal Security Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Peter Corris
Time Span: 1985 - 2000


Ray 'Creepy' Crawley is an agent with the Australian FSA.

That acronym stands for the Federal Security Agency and its 'patch' seems to be both foreign and domestic in that Crawley and his fellow agents will spend a fair amount of time working the counter-intelligence beat and other times heading off-shore to gather info from other countries. Primarily, though, it is the former which is good because Crawley overseas is often a problem.

When we first meet Crawley, he is on the outs, both figuratively and literally. He is quite hung over from too boozy of a night before (this we find is not at all an unusual occurrence). He is estranged from his wife who is none to happy with him and his attitudes, the latter he is not at all reticent about displaying. He has been fired from his job with the FSA because the last three missions have gone pear-shaped and he was the perfect scapegoat.

Things will improve over time for Crawley because he is under all the snarkiness and flippant commentary that he feels compelled to lay on anyone in authority, actually very good at his job. The problem that those in control see too readily is the snarky and the disrespect; the quality of his work does not show up so quickly or readily which means that Crawley always seems to be the target of somebody's anger. The 'who' the angry person is might change but not the fact that somebody is going to be miffed at him.

Two things make the Crawley adventures interesting. The first is the varied problems that will confront him from trouble from Eastern Europe to trouble from at home to trouble from the Far East; the one commonality is trouble. The second is his assistant, Huck. He is, well, Huck. You have to read about him to understand.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:1985
Last Appearance:2000

1 Pokerface Pokerface
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 1985

Ray Crawley is having a very bad day. His marriage is on the rocks. He has been sacked from the FSA. He figures out that his former boss is somehow pulling him into a messy situation and he no longer has the clout to get away. Then there is his new acquaintance, Roxy, a radical punk artist with some shady friends.
Note: apparently this book is a fix-up based on the scripts for the short-run television show.

2 The Baltic Business The Baltic Business
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 1988

What Ray Crawley thought at first was a routine, simple case turns very complicated very quickly, and very deadly while doing so. Eastern European refugees are the crux of the problem, one of which is a very attractive young woman who catches Crawley's eye.

3 The Kimberly Killing The Kimberly Killing
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 1990

A deadly car crash involving a former Attorney General gets very messy when a blood test of one of the victims reveals that person had AIDS. Ray Crawley has to deal with grieving spouses and worried government officials.

4 The Cargo Club The Cargo Club
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 1990

Sent to the Pacific Island country, the Republic of Vitatavu, to find a way to discredit the current Resource Minister who is getting quite chummy with the Russians, Ray Crawley has someone killed in his room and spies from several nations watching his every more.

5 The Japanese Job The Japanese Job
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 1992

The Brisbane of the 90s is a place that Ray Crawley was coming really enjoy. Except for the bodies that were piling up, largely courtesy of the rising power of the Yakuza. Add to that was the mysterious group calling themselves the Diggers.

6 The Azanian Action The Azanian Action
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 1991

A major South African nationalist is in Australia pressing for help from the citizenry. Then that person is killed and it falls on Ray Crawley to find who did it.

7 The Time Trap The Time Trap
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 1994

Getting a temporary promotion to the head of the FSA sounded like something Ray Crawley would be pleased with. Then several archivists for the department get killed and he has to figure out who and why. And one of those remaining alive looks far too much like his ex-wife.

8 The Vietnam Volunteer The Vietnam Volunteer
Written by Peter Corris
Copyright: 2000

25 years after he served in the Vietnam War, Ray Crawley is invited to join a trade delegation traveling to that country. Crawley was expecting it to be a fun-filled junket. Then someone is murdered in his room and things really heat up after that.


Number of Episodes:3
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:1986

Bruno LawrenceRay Crawley [ 1 ]
Tim RobertsonHuck [ 1 ]
Nigel BradshawCampion [ 1 ]

The ABC for this very short television series is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

1 Epi.1
Episode 1-1, first aired 10/09/1986
Director: Richard Sarell
Writers: Peter Corris, Bill Garner

[plot unknown]

2 Epi.2
Episode 1-2, first aired 10/16/1986
Director: Richard Sarell
Writers: Peter Corris, Bill Garner

[plot unknown]

3 Epi.3
Episode 1-3, first aired 10/23/1986
Director: Richard Sarell
Writers: Peter Corris, Bill Garner

[plot unknown]


The first book in this series put me off it for quite a long time. It was, to me, jumbled and confusing and I think it is because it was really a fix-up between three television episodes (could be wrong). So I did not read another for several years. When I did, I saw the author had gotten a handle on the character and the plot and it was smoother sailing from then on. I still read with a bit of a worry, though, certain things would go fuzzy any minute.

The late Peter Corris was far more well known for his excellent Cliff Hardy detective novels which I enjoyed a lot back in the day. He made Hardy an Australian institution, in my opinion. He did not do quite so well with Crawley.


My Grade: B


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