1942 - 2018

Writing as: Peter Corris

According to Wikipedia: ""Peter Robert Corris (8 May 1942 – 30 August 2018) was an Australian academic, historian, journalist and a novelist of historical and crime fiction. As crime fiction writer, he was described as "the Godfather of contemporary Australian crime-writing", particularly for his Cliff Hardy novels.

Corris' secondary school education was at Melbourne High School. He was a Bachelor level student at the University of Melbourne, then gained a Master of Arts in History at Monash University. He studied at the Australian National University where he was awarded a PhD in history on the topic of the South Seas Islander slave trade (Kanakas). He continued these studies as a university lecturer, but later became a journalist, and then a full-time writer.

He was married to writer Jean Bedford.

Peter Corris has written a book that provides deep insights into his life living with type-1 diabetes. Some of his novels have diabetic subplots. In January 2017, Corris announced that he would no longer be writing novels owing to 'creeping blindness' because of his diabetes."

Series Books
Ray Crawley Pokerface (1985)
  The Baltic Business (1988)
  The Kimberly Killing (1990)
  The Cargo Club (1990)
  The Azanian Action (1991)
  The Japanese Job (1992)
  The Time Trap (1994)
  The Vietnam Volunteer (2000)