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Full Name: Dani Britton
Nationality: American
Organization: Rasmund Security
Occupation Analyst

Creator: S. G. Redling
Time Span: 2013 - 2019


Dani Britton is a data analyst at Rasmund Security.

She is not a spy. Doesn't want to be one. Would look at you strangely if you suggested it.

She was a Paint, the term used for her and the coworkers like her who were called that because of "their ability to cover every inch of a scene without being noticed, blending into the background". She was not a Face, those in the corporate security firm known as Rasmund. Faces went into the firms being studied and mingled with the employees, becoming one of them to learn all they can. Faces were noticed. She did not want to be noticed.

The Rasmund for which these 'Paints' and 'Faces' work is "a private security firm specializing in corporate espionage, extortion, and threat assessment. Many of Rasmund's clients could be recognized by their well-known NASDAQ codes; the rest operated at a much lower profile and a much higher profit margin. Rasmund didn't advertise in trade magazines. The people who needed their unique services operated within an information network that needed and desired no publicity."

Britton is a short, five-foot black haired young woman with a nervous habit of wrapping tufts of her short hair in rubber bands while she works or ponders and then has to spend time getting them out again. She will absently doodle on her wrists as she ponders facts and figures and clues and such, making it look like she had very badly done tattoos. She likes being a Paint. If she had her way she would continue being a Paint for many years to come because it fits her personality and it lets her be close to fellow Paint, 'Choo-Choo' Charbaneaux, on whom she has an unspoken crush. Being a Paint suited her.

Unfortunately, people like highly trained and experienced assassin, Tom Booker, are out there in the world and they will say otherwise to her desire to maintain the status-quo. Booker will play a major role in Britton's life and mostly not for the better.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Widow File The Widow File
Written by S. G. Redling
Copyright: 2013

Dani Britton was involved in studying a case of industrial espionage when her world was destroyed by a team of killers who attacked the firm she worked for, stole all the files, and killed her work mates. She survived but now she has a relentless assassin named Booker on her trail and she has no idea what she learned to cause it.
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2 Redemption Key Redemption Key
Written by S. G. Redling
Copyright: 2014

Having learned that bad guys kill and good guys usually aren't, Dani Britton is hiding out in a dive in Florida hoping the killers after her will not find her, especially blue-eyed Booker. Then trouble starts up at the establishment and she is again in a whole lot of trouble. And then Booker shows up and he may be her only hope.
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3 Trigger Trigger
Written by S. G. Redling
Copyright: 2019

The adventure takes place one month after the events of the previous story. Dani Britton had thought her scary days were finally over but when Choo-Choo's family call him home for a funeral and she goes along, she find there is just as much danger waiting there for the two of them. And Tom Booker is not far away.
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You have got to love Dani Britton. I mean, I know there is no law that says you do and you likely will have different tastes than I do but, come on! You have GOT to adore this poor sweet young woman that manages, despite so many odds against her, to survive. Okay, whether you love her or not, I do. Most definitely.

I also really like Tom Booker and I should not. The dude kills people for a living and most of them do not deserve it so I absolutely do not approve of his profession nor the way he causes trouble for Dani Britton. But as a character that makes such a major impact in a series not his own, he is, well, kinda cool.

The writing on this series is so well done I would find myself thirty pages further in no time. Well, time did pass but I had not noticed it because the book was so much fun.

When I first entered this series into the compendium there were two books and I made the entry as a First Look meaning that I had only taken a quick look at it at that time. These books had been written a half decade before I discovered them so I figured that there would be just the two. Three months after my entry, a third one appeared. I am hoping that more will come along because as you probably can tell, I love Dani Britton.


My Grade: A-


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