Writing as: S. G. Redling

According to the bio on FantasticFiction: "S.G. Redling, a graduate of Georgetown University, has spent fifteen years waking up the good folks of Huntington WV and its environs on the WKEE-FM morning radio show. She recently wound up her headphones for the last time and is focusing on thrillers, mysteries and urban fantasy. When S.G. isn't writing (don't tell Christine Witthohn!) she loves to paint, travel and embarrass herself by speaking wretched Italian."

Series Books
Dani Britton The Widow File (2013)
  Redemption Key (2014)
  Trigger (2019)
Other Flowertown (2012)
  Damocles (2013)
  Ourselves [Nahan] (2015)
  Baggage (2016)
  At Risk (2016)
  The Reaches [Nahan] (2018)