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Full Name: David Seven
Nationality: American
Organization: Intrex
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Avallone
Time Span: 1966 - 1967


David Seven is an agent with Intrex.

According to a brief on that organization: "International Trade Experts is an organization formed by a group of wealthy philanthropists (anonymous) who make yearly grants to sustain their pet project. The purpose of the organization is simple; it copes with any problem or difficulty that may crop up in world affairs. All allied and disparate hazards of civilization can be dealt with by this body of extremely professional people who number scientists and skilled technicians among their colleagues. The unwritten motto of International Trade Experts is clearly stated in the credo: Men Must Live In Peace."

There are really two agents who deserve to be called The Man From Intrex. David Seven gets top billing but his colleague, friend, and often partner who can also wear that label is Miles Running Bear Farmer.

About Seven it is written that he is "deceptively lean, quiet-voiced and quiet-faced. The world knows him as one of the finest young legal minds available for outlandish fees".

For Farmer it has been stated that he is "that rarity among statistics: a full-blooded Cherokee Indian who went to college, graduated with honors and leaped to the forefront as an outstanding exponent of the new approach in his particular sphere of his field - public buildings, municipal centers, auditoriums".

So both agents are experts in their "official" line of work, both worthy of respect and admiration. In their unofficial capacities as agents of Intrex, they are unsung by the general public but highly regarded by the powers that control that organization. In their role as covert agents and often assassins, they answer to Samantha Follett, ostensibly the business manager of Intrex but really the spymaster who calls the shots and hands out the assignments. They refer to her as 'Sam' though never to her face.


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1967

1 Seven of Intrex Seven of Intrex
Written by Michael Avallone
Copyright: 1966

Published in The Saint Magazine, v24 #2, Sep 1966
[plot unknown]

2 Send A Man From Intrex Send A Man From Intrex
Written by Michael Avallone
Copyright: 1967

Published in The Saint Magazine, v24 #5, Jan 1967
[plot unknown]

3 Seven Miles From Intrex Seven Miles From Intrex
Written by Michael Avallone
Copyright: 1967

Published in The Saint Magazine, v25 #2, May 1967
[plot unknown]

4 Address: Intrex, Saigon Address: Intrex, Saigon
Written by Michael Avallone
Copyright: 1967

Published in The Saint Magazine, v25 #6, Oct 1967
[plot unknown]


I write my comments with the admission that there are not a lot of tales about the character and they are all fairly short, being novelettes, and I do not have but two of them. But I work with what I have.

I would have loved for the author to have written more about this character but seeing the volume of work he put out, he undoubtedly moved swiftly on to something else.

It might be my imagination or it might be some truth to this but since the author, Michael Avallone, wrote the first novelization of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. and also was writing his private eye character Ed Noon, part-time agent for the President, around the same time, there is a feel of both in David Seven. This is a good thing.


My Grade: B


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