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Full Name: Nick Fox and Kate O'Hare
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lee Goldberg
Time Span: 2013 - 2019


Nicolas "Nick" Fox is an international con-man and thief. Kate O'Hare is a decorated F.B.I. agent.

For several years prior to our meeting this fascinating "couple", O'Hare had made it her life's mission to find and apprehend Fox. She became the world's leading expert on the handsome debonair shyster, knowing what he would like do next and where he would probably strike next but though she got very close a few times, he was just a tiny bit faster and luckier.

Then in the very beginning of the first recorded adventure, we find that speed or luck come to a crashing end, literally, as O'Hare used Fox's tactics against him, setting up a delightful con which drew him in and when he was making what he thought was his triumphant getaway, she plowed into his car with a bus. Now, she got a minor ding on her record for the misappropriation of the bus as well as the t-boning of a suspect's vehicle but she got her man. Fox was in jail.

And then he wasn't. His con of the U.S. marshals in charge of his transfer could not be held against O'Hare but it still irked her tremendously and she put her entire energy into figuring out where he would go to lie low. She figured it out. She snuck into the locale, She cornered her man yet again.

That is when her boss stepped out of a side room. And her boss's boss. And the lives of both Fox and O'Hare would change forever.

The idea was likely Fox's. The fed leaders might have other thoughts on that but O'Hare always put the blame on Fox. The concept was to use a thief to catch a thief. There were a considerable number of high profile and high influence miscreants who were able to use their power or money or influence or evil to get away with some very nasty things and the Bureau was unable to do anything to stop it. So, perhaps a good con might lure them into a snare. Who better, Fox reasoned, to con them but one of the best in the business.

The Feds were not naive, of course. They had no illusions of Fox suddenly turning straight so they needed someone to watch over him, to help him in these cons but to also be able to predict if and when Fox might disappear.

So a partnership of two opposites was created. Fox is a world-hopping connoisseur of fine dining and luxury living. O'Hare is a big In-n-Out fan whose idea of sinful pleasure is a Toblerone. Fox is a crook, trained almost from his childhood to con and swindle and steal and BS his way through life. O'Hare is a former Seal who is a by-the-book as one can be, trained by her father, a former covert operative, to be able to kill a man numerous ways with a paperclip.

In this new team the two will pull into the business several people who help bring the elaborate cons to life. Boyd Capwell is an actor so devoted to his art that he is almost impossible to work with. Willie Owens is a woman with massively augmented breasts who can drive anything with an engine and loves doing so at all times, even if she does not have a license or permission. Jake is O'Hare's highly trained operative father who is bored with retirement and loves to step in to help with the odd rocket launcher as needed. There is an electrician expert, a superb set builder, and a special effects man to round out the team.

These people could easily, and rightfully, tack Mission: Impossible on their resume, if they were allowed to tell anyone about their illegal but highly effective projects. They are not permitted but we can still read about them.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Heist The Heist
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2013

Derek Griffin was an investment banker who disappeared with billions of his clients' money. He lived on his own island in Southeast Asia, untouchable. That is the assignment for Fox and O'Hare - bring him home for justice.
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2 The Chase The Chase
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2014

The former White House chief of staff, Carter Grove, now heads a private security agency. He also is a major collector of stolen artifacts, one of which is supposed to be in the Smithsonian about to be returned to the Chinese government. Fox and O'Hare are tasked with stealing it from him without anyone finding the truth.
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3 The Job The Job
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2014

Bringing down the world's most powerful, and deadly, drug lord would be hard enough but when his true identity is unknown and what he looks like is a mystery, Fox and O'Hare have their work cut out for them, assuming they live long enough.
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4 The Scam The Scam
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2015

A terrific place to launder money is a casino. This is especially true when the owner of the gambling establishment is in on the plan and Evan Trace, the man behind both a Vegas and Macau casino, definitely is. It is for Fox and O'Hare to bring him down.
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5 The Pursuit The Pursuit
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2016

When Nicolas Fox is kidnapped from his hideaway in Hawaii, it is to assist in a heist and then be left to take the fall. He does not mind the former but the latter is out of the question. Then he and O'Hare learn one of the items stolen was a vial of smallpox and now they have a very vital mission - get it back and stop a horrific plot by a major thief to steal billions by killing thousands.
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6 The Big Kahuna The Big Kahuna
Written by Peter Evanovich, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2019

The disappearance of a tech billionaire is huge news but his wife and his business partner do not seem too interested in finding him. When it falls to Fox and O'Hare to locate the man, it becomes necessary to go undercover as husband and wife but for straight-laced O'Hare to live with Mr. Play It By Ear Fox will be a challenge.
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Shell Game The Shell Game
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2014

A prequel telling of how Kate O'Hare first met and started to chase Nick Fox. Fox was taking the role of a security consultant to protect the transfer of relics to the Getty Museum. When the owner surprisingly brought in the FBI, there was O'Hare.
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2 The Caper The Caper
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2015

A prequel talking of a caper Fox is pulling above and below Seattle and how O'Hare is determined to stop him.

3 Pros and Cons Pros and Cons
Written by Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich
Copyright: 2013

A prequel telling of the caper that Nick Fox had to swindle a venture capitalist out of all his treasures in his 20th floor penthouse and Kate O'Hare attempt to nab him doing so.
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As a huge Mission: Impossible fan as well as a lover of good con stories (though I hate con men, go figure), I knew I wanted to read this series from the moment I saw the first one advertised. Since, however, I have so many spy series to read, my likelihood of taking the time seemed doubtful. Then I read the terrific Ian Ludlow series by Lee Goldberg and I knew I had to give this series a chance, even if it was not a spy series.

Well into the second book, though, I realized that it might qualify and by the third I was certain. Having now finished the series, I am pleased to be able to write about such a fun, addictive series. I love Fox. I adore O'Hare. I get a kick out of Jake and Willie and shake my head at Boyd. I appreciate the inventive schemes these people come up with and really like how they deal with all sorts of mishaps requiring a Plan B or C.

And I really, really, like the terrific storytelling. I have read or listened to (usually the latter on trips with my wife) every Stephanie Plum adventure that Janet Evanovich has put out. I have enjoyed now several entertaining and exciting tales by Lee Goldberg. Two wonderfully talented authors, creating a super fun series. And it is a spy series. Of sorts.


My Grade: A-


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