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Full Name: Jake Dillon
Nationality: British
Organization: Ferran & Cardini
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Towning
Time Span: 2006 - 2018


Jake Dillon is an agent with Ferran & Cardini.

If you are like me, you would wonder who or what that is. Even after having read a couple of the adventures of Dillon, you might wonder the same thing. From the little that is actually said about these two gentlemen, referred to often as the Partners, they appear to have been one time agents with MI-5 who saw an opportunity to start their own company, hire their own people, have these people do the same sort of thing that the Partners once did for Queen and Country, only charge a whole lot more and thus make a tidy profit. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that as it is capitalism at its finest but since the British Government which seems to be their biggest customer wants results and not much detail about how they are obtained, things can and do get a bit dicey.

As stated, Dillon is one of their agents and if they were pressed to admit it, one of their very best although they routinely seem to complain that his way of doing things often ring up some serious expenses. Since it is likely that these expenses are passed on to the client, it is doubtful that it really costs the company anything but it does give them reason to carp at him. A lot.

When we first meet him, Dillon has already been an agent with F&C for just over a year and was happy with the arrangement. He was earning a large six-figure retainer and got a nice sized bonus at the end of each mission. He had already completed several assignments by the time we catch up with him and has the scars to show for it. His immediate supervisor is a friendly sort that Dillon gets on well with, named Edward Levenson-Jones (LJ for short). This LJ is a competent friendly boss who provides what Dillon needs for an assignment but who is sometimes not as forthcoming about the whole picture as Dillon might want.

Not that that would surprise or detour him. Dillon likes the action and the excitement and is darn good at survival. As the series progresses, his attitude and desires will change a tad but his skills will always be there to keep him alive.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2006
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Constantine Legacy The Constantine Legacy
Written by Andrew Towning
Copyright: 2006

When Jake Dillon is asked to look into the sinking of a pleasure cruiser belonging to a Cabinet Minister, he senses it was more about the cargo onboard. This adventure will prove to be far more than just a boating mishap when the Sicilian Mafia gets involved and when the old KGB is mentioned.
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2 Dead Men Don't Bite Dead Men Don't Bite
Written by Andrew Towning
Copyright: 2008

A WWII U-Boat was discovered in an underwater cavern on the northern coast of Jersey. It was suspected of contained Nazi bullion and the Spear of Destiny, a mystical spearhead thought by Hitler to hold great power. The man who discovered the vessel was killed in a drive-by shooting and the Prime Minister wants Jake Dillon to step in to help.
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3 The Chimera Code The Chimera Code
Written by Andrew Towning
Copyright: 2012

The Chimera Code is a computer program able to break into any system and retrieve all data regardless of protection. It was developed partly by the British government but now is in the hands of terrorists. Jake Dillon is brought in to get it back.
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4 Shroud of Concealment Shroud of Concealment
Written by Andrew Towning
Copyright: 2013

An art student reports that she was allowed to see in a private collection a last Vermeer painting called "The Concert" but that artwork was stolen twenty years before. His employers ask Jake Dillon to investigate.
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5 Power Diamonds Power Diamonds
Written by Andrew Towning
Copyright: 2014

Two men are said to control all of the cocaine traffic in England but there are rumors that they are listening to someone in North Korea. Jake Dillon is asked to lead his team into finding the truth.
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6 The Cutter The Cutter
Written by Andrew Towning
Copyright: 2016

Fifteen years before, someone Jake Dillon cared very much about was killed when he was investigating the mutilation murder of two diamond cutters. Now he is asked to step back into that tragedy to again learn who was behind it.
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7 Tide Runner Tide Runner
Written by Andrew Towning
Copyright: 2018

Deaths and disappearances are the result of a group of very powerful men behind a fascist conspiracy to overthrow the British government and Jake Dillon is brought in to learn who and what and to stop it.
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Dillon is a character who loves the action and does not mind a chance to blow something up now and then. Luckily for him, he has a job where he gets the former and can do the latter. Unluckily, people keep shooting at him and trying to blow him up. That would take the fun out of it for me mighty quickly but not for Dillon. And that is what makes this series fun for me. Reading about a guy who is happy in his work is good. I get tired of those guys who moan about their fate all the time. Dillon - not so much.

And there are a lot of Dillon adventures to enjoy. Hopefully, there will be more coming.


My Grade: B+


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