Writing as: Andrew Towning

According to the bio on Amazon: "Author Andrew Towning's writing talents bear more than an uncanny resemblance to the characteristics of the area in which he lives! Thrilling, gripping and exciting assets that include; the treacherous coastline, the unpredictable weather conditions, the dramatic tides and stunning beaches! His style can also be compared to Dorset's infamous Sandbanks peninsula where so much of the action in his Jake Dillon series of thrillers is set: rich, intriguing and inspirational. Andrew has written four Jake Dillon novels. After over 200 rejections Andrew sealed a New York publisher in 2006. His novels now are widely available through Amazon and Waterstones on line and fans of the Dillon series eagerly await a publish date for the next Jake Dillon thriller! Andrew says of writing: “I had aspired to write just one novel for many years but as I’m a business owner, husband and a father of two, time was limited to say the least! I spent two years researching and writing my first novel The Constantine Legacy and another 18 months sourcing a publisher! “I have had four novels published (Dead Men Don't Bite, Shroud of Concealment and the Chimera Code complete the series to date) – I now have met my original contractual agreement – and now I have exciting plans for the next phase of my hero character, former Army Intelligence Officer, Jake Dillon’s thrilling and unpredictable career!” Andrew says of the successes his novels: “The books see Jake travel internationally, with a constant theme through his links to Dorset, and to a lesser extent the Channel Islands. Those visiting and living in the area will recognise some of the more remarkable landmarks and countryside which I know bring my books even more to life!” The mere existence of Jake Dillon is thrilling, his lack of respect for the ‘establishment’, bare fisted determination and underlying integrity in the face of adversity make for a gripping series of novels – if you’ve enjoyed Le Carré, Brown or MacNab – put Towning on your read list, his work is a cunning concoction of all three! Asked if he has subconsciously morphed any of his own characteristics through his pen to Dillon, Andrew modestly suggests that one asks his wife – however if his looks are to go by we bet they have more in common that he dares to let on! The Constantine Legacy, Dead Men Don't Bite, Shroud of Concealment and The Chimera Code are published by Andrew and are widely available on line."

Series Books
Jake Dillon The Constantine Legacy (2006)
  Dead Men Don't Bite (2008)
  The Chimera Code (2012)
  Shroud of Concealment (2013)
  Power Diamonds (2014)
  The Cutter (2016)
  Tide Runner (2018)
  When Dead Is Dead (2021)
  Deniable Asset (2024)