Full Name: Sean A. P. Ryan
Series Name: Convention Killing Series, The Pious Series
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Declan Finn
Time Span: 2012 - 2016


       Sean Ryan is a security consultant.
       To him, that means a lot of things from being a personal bodyguard, through training civilians to be able to take care of themselves long enough to get out of harm's way, to leading a group of mercenaries.
       His company is Sean A. P. Ryan & Associates. The "A.P." stands for Aloysis Patricus. The full moniker shows he is clearly of Irish stock but he is American through and through. He is a child of Hollywood where his father was a successful movie actor and where young Ryan grew up visiting the movie sets and learning a considerable amount of the film industry.
       He did a small amount of acting as would be natural considering who his father was, including a scene in a teddy bear outfit, but Ryan was not particulary interested in acting; it was the work behind the scenes that interested him. The stunt people and the special effects specialists and the props department - that was where Ryan spent his time. Ryan was a sharp boy and he gathered knowledge like a sponge and soon was able to fight and wrestle like a professional, knew the insides and outs of a variety of weaponry, and was able to whip up small explosives out of all sorts of household chemicals.
       And then there was his mother, an FBI research officer who provided a whole other side of training he would later use in his chosen profession. From her he learned to pay attention around him, knew who to ask the right questions of, and got to understand the power of authority, and the limitations of it as well.
       Ryan is an interesting man. He is often seen with a mischievious smile on his face as he always appears to be enjoying himself. He does not seem to take himself or anyone else that seriously which is charming in a lot of cases and off-putting in others. He does not come across as especially dangerous because he is but 5'6" tall and wiry but there are a good number of people who can testify to how deadly he can be in an instant and not a few who aren't around anymore to spread the word.
       Being a smallish man, Ryan knows that bravado and posturing doesn't win the day. Striking first and hard often does and being willing to go over the top in battle is the best offensive.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2016

       The books seem to be in two groups. The first group is the Convention Killings series and include the first Ryan adventure and the 6th. The second group is the Pius Trilogy and contains 3 novels and 1 collection of short stories. There is also a treatise which I put in the Reference section.


Number of Stories:7
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015


       I really liked Sean Ryan. I also liked a couple of the other major characters in this series like Scott Murphy and Athena. Having to meet and try to remember so many other people got too much for my slow brain and that detracted from the series.
       I probably got the order of things all messed up. Going by copyright dates and what seems the right sequence of events, I put things the way I thought they should be but the author might disagree.
       As mentioned above, this is really two series. The first is more a spoof of the security/anti-terrorist business and is a delight to read. The second is a more somber, albeit just as explosive and destructive, look at the world of Catholic security and the steps people outside the Church want to hurt it and people inside the Church want to mold it to their way of thinking.
       I would have preferred to stay with the first one but I think it would not have existed if the second one has not been the overall plan.


My Grade: B


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