Full Name: Dan Roy
Nationality: American
Organization: Intercept
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mick Bose
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


       Dan Roy is an agent with Intercept.
       At least he is during the novella-length first recorded adventure we have of him. At that time he was 34 years old and had recently finished nearly a decade in the U.S. military including the last five years with the elite Delta Force. He had enjoyed greatly his time in the Service and missed the camaraderie and the friendships he had acquired in Delta. But then Intercept had tapped him on the shoulder and offered even more action, more danger, more challenges.
       Intercept is described as "an organization with an executive arm that went straight to the highest echelons of power in Capitol Hill. An organization that was used when all else had failed, and a mission needed to be accomplished with the minimum of fuss. That meant not getting caught. If he did get caught, then being captured and questioned was not an option. Silence was forever guaranteed. If that guarantee was not kept by Intercept operatives, then it would be enforced."
       While Roy missed being part of a cohesive team like Delta, he did not miss the seemingly endless political games the swirled around him. In Intercept he found life quite a bit different. As he saw it, in Intercept, "he was given a problem and he had to eliminate it. No questions asked, no answers given...The thrill of the fight was the reason why he had become a war-fighter. With Intercept he was able to take that life to a new level."
       At least up to the day that he couldn't any more. During his time with Intercept he had proven himself to be their top agent and his kills "became the stuff of legend" but it came with a cost that he had only recently noticed. His soul was heavy from the constant war and "the ravages of combat [were] like claw marks on the mind." Inside he knew he was ready for a change and he got it when he refused to complete a mission.
       The location was Yemen. The mission was laying claymore mines to take out a school bus being used by Al-Shabab to transport their terrorists. He had placed the explosives and was lying in wait, watching with binoculars the vehicle approach. He then noticed the occupants were not men out to kill but children heading to class. In his ear he heard the demands of HQ to take out the bus but all he could focus on were the eyes of one young boy and the bus went past unscathed. And Dan Roy was through with Intercept.
       Except he wouldn't be. He quit. They let him go. He was out and would never be allowed back in. But that didn't mean he would not be pulled in. When one is as good as Roy, life never leaves you alone.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016


       Very well written, extremely exciting, highly captivating. Those are a few of the buzzwords I happily use for this series. The author is quite adept at setting up a plot which snatches both the main character, Dan Roy, and the reader in the first couple of pages. Roy cannot, or chooses not to, find a way out and the reader, at least me, certainly has no desire to back away (of course I am not the one being threatened, beaten up, shot at, or having things go boom around me). Roy does. All the time.
       And as a man who loves these kind of adventures, I am quite pleased that he does. Following Dan Roy has he faces them makes me content and happy to know it ain't me.


My Grade: B+


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