Writing as: Mick Bose

According to the short bio on his website: "I live in London,UK. I have hiked in the Himalayas, farmed in a Kibbutz, floated in the Dead Sea, lived in Russia when Communism fell and was refused entry to a posh restaurant in Washington DC because I wasn't wearing the right shoes.

Well, the food was overpriced. My books are not, and I write them because I want to entertain you. Hopefully, like many other readers, you can lose yourself for several hours in my books, all for less than the price of a Starbuck's coffee."

Series Books
Dan Roy Hellfire (ss) (2016)
  Hidden Agenda (2017)
  Dark Water (2017)
  The Tonkin Protocol (2017)
  Shanghai Tang (2017)
  Scorpion Rising (2017)
  Deep Deception (2018)
  Scorpion Down (2018)
  Code Zero (2018)
  Scorpion Sting (2019)