Full Name: Dan Kotler
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Other - Archaeologist

Creator: Kevin Tumlinson
Time Span: 2016 - 2019

       Dan Kotler is an archaeologist.
       He is definitely not a secret agent but if it were suggested to him, his sense of humor would make him smile at the idea and likely shrug. What people thought of him had become of little importance over the years considering how often he was considered a quack and a charlatan by his fellow academicians, at least in the beginning. Being thought a government operative would have been a major step up from fool and crack-pot.
       Kotler is definitely neither of those last things. He is immensely gifted and intelligent and has "PhDs in archeology, anthropology, etymology, and symbology. I also have PhDs in quantum physics and quantum mechanics," as he told an FBI agent who was questioning him. His love of research was made possible by the fact that he had inherited a sizable fortune and was good at investing. As a result, he was free to study what he wanted whenever he felt like it and was independent enough to be able to present theories that might have been suppressed had he been tethered to a university or a museum.
       So Kotler considers himself a private researcher and with his financial independence and his extremely wide range of interests, he like to snoop. He loves a mystery, especially one that involved unknowns from hundreds of years before. Couple those traits with a love of travel and you get a man who can and will go wherever things look interesting.
       Interesting things that he will go looking for and sometimes find seem to often include ancient legends of potent artifacts which attract not only researchers like Kotler but very rich and often very dangerous people who have far less than altruistic motives. These people or groups often enough have designs on power if not plans of domination on a global scale.
       All this means that Kotler is not a government agent but he runs into enough of them to recognize them easily and, unfortunately for him, many of the not-so-nice ones know all about him.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Coelho Medallion The Coelho Medallion
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2016

The discovery of an ancient medallion in Colorado is causing a stir as it points to the probability that the Vikings had traveled far inland on North America. When the medallion is stolen, it is likely because it is said to point to a city of gold but it could also be a factor in a much bigger and dangerous scheme.

2 The Atlantis Riddle The Atlantis Riddle
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2016

In 1914 Thomas Edison has in his possession a stone he believes will be the source of even greater inventions. In 1974 two Special Forces officers discover yet another stone and use it to make their own fortune. Dan Kotler gets involved with the stones when he is asked by a young woman to look into yet another stone and this one will point him in a very strange direction.

3 The Devil's Interval The Devil's Interval
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2017

In New York, a rock star turned philantropist is found murdered with the words "Devil's Interval" left as a clue. It turns out to be a technology which has been around since the times of Isaac Newton and which can be the source of the deaths of millions by terrorists.

4 The Girl in the Mayan Tomb The Girl in the Mayan Tomb
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2018

To stop a man out to use Mayan technology to gain tremendous power, Dan Kotler will have to survive a number of extremely nasty traps laid centuries before.

5 The Antarctic Forgery The Antarctic Forgery
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2018

The black-market expert, Gail McCarthy, has her sites on a treasure in Antarctica that Hitler was said to have coveted and Dan Kotler and his FBI partner know they are the only one to stop her from getting it and thus getting enormous power.

6 The Stepping Maze The Stepping Maze
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2019

Beneath Manhattan is the Black Chamber, a century-old edifice that for a while housed the code-breakers who were the forerunners to the NSA. Two respected scientists are kidnapped to help a mysterious person find and enter that location.

7 The God Extinction The God Extinction
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2019

They call themselves the New Gods and this cult will kill easily to prove it. They want an ancient sword that Dan Kotler found two decades before and they want whatever drove Druids to Egypt centuries ago.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Brass Hall The Brass Hall
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2016

Takes place before the first novel. Loving a good mystery, Dan Kotler would never pass up on the discovery of a Celtic tomb in the mountains of Egypt, even if it could get him killed.

2 The Jani Sigil The Jani Sigil
Written by Kevin Tumlinson
Copyright: 2019





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