Full Name: Duncan Grant
Nationality: British
Organization: British Army
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: Graham Seton
Time Span: 1929 - 1945


       Duncan Grant is an officer in the British Army.
       When we first meet him, he holds the rank of Colonel and is happy serving in His Majesty's army. Then he gets seconded to Military Intelligence during the First World War and his life will never be the same. The knowledge he learns in the cloak and dagger world will combine what his already impressive knowledge of military tactics to make him a formidable planner and, in some cases, schemer.
       When he retires from the military, his old boss in the Intelligence field will call upon him to handle a few special problems for which he is the best solution. His personal objectives, though, will be definitely his own for what he saw during the War will make him forever against war and he will pretty much devote his life to preventing it.
       But sometimes to achieve peace at a high level, he will have to foster insurrection at a lower level and in the course of his recorded career, he will stop a revolution in one place while urging one on in another.

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Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1929
Last Appearance:1945


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1930
Last Appearance:1930

1 The W Plan The W Plan
Director: Victor Saville
Writers: Victor Saville, Miles Malleson, Frank Launder
Actors: Brian Aherne as Duncan Grant, Madeleine Carroll as Rosa Hartmann
Released: 1930

Film version of the first book in the series. When word comes of a major activity by the Germans during WWI, Duncan Grant is picked to go behind enemy lines to learn the truth. He uncovers a scheme to tunnel into British territory to destroy them from behind and beneath.



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