1890 - 1946

Writing as: Graham Seton

According to Wikipedia: "Lieutenant-Colonel Graham Seton Hutchison (1890–1946) was a Scottish First World War army officer, military theorist, author of both adventure novels and non-fiction works and fascist activist. Seton Hutchison became a celebrated figure in military circles for his tactical innovations during the First World War but would later become associated with a series of fringe fascist movements which failed to capture much support even by the standards of the far right in Britain in the interbellum period. He made a contribution to First World War fiction with his espionage novel, The W Plan."

Series Books
Duncan Grant (1929) The W Plan (1929)
  Colonel Grant's Tomorrow (1931)
  Scar 77 (1936)
  The K Code Plan (1937)
  According To Plan (1939)
  The V Plan (1941)
  The Red Colonel (1945)