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Full Name: Tony Wei
Series Name: Perv Boy
Codename: Perv Boy
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Other - Consultant

Creator: Mordecai Flint
Time Span: 2016 - 2020


Tony Wei is a consultant with the FBI.

He is a computer genius. Well, he is a genius in other things, too, but it is computers and related paraphenalia that he shows it best. It was through demonstrations that he came to the attention of the FBI and would soon thereafter become a consultant with them. It was also through the FBI that he would acquire the rather unflattering nickname of Perv Boy.

The activity of Wei that got him noticed by the Feds, indeed picked up and questioned by them, was his use of drones to take intimate videos of unsuspecting young female celebrities for money. He didn't need the money, having a good deal of it from earlier activities (unexplained) but he loved his toys and, to be honest, the challenge of the assignments which he received from a broker in Hong Kong. The FBI had made a tenuous connection between one of his earlier videos and a terrorist cell so they paid him a visit.

While Wei would soon be cleared of any charges and free to go, he was intrigued by their assignment and offered to help. Though the relationship would start on a rocky foundation, it would quickly settle into that of impressive teamwork that would be of great benefit to the government and a lot of excitement to Wei.

Thrills was something that Wei enjoyed. And challenges. He earned his Ph.D in computer science from Carnegie Mellon and also served in the military in the Middle East. He would also work for a stint at the NSA during which time he honed his hacker skills and picked up a few interesting "toy" ideas as well as useful contacts. Using these connections and electronic gadgets for something better than peeping into high-rise windows appealed to him.

So did Special Agent Janet Sato, the gorgeous agent who first nabbed him and who, seeing the video he was taping, gave him the Perv Boy moniker. She was a hard-working agent already in charge of a small team of agents in the Southern California area when she first came onto Wei and though their initial meeting was under less than pleasant circumstances, the attraction was there and would grow.

Wei is roughly in his mid 20s. His exact age and birthday was unknown. As he put it, when his adoptive father, Pop, first found him, "I was about three years old. I was a feral child. There is no record of my birth". He is mostly Asian in heritage though there are some Caucasian in him as well. "His hair was moussed up, orange at the tips, and spiky, like a K-Pop singer; he had dark, piercing eyes-she could tell he was smart; his nose was a little narrower than most Asians; his mouth was attractive." It was also stated that "he seemed in great shape, lean, wiry, decent biceps. He was wearing a black T-shirt with some kind of animation character on the front; what she could see of his left arm was covered with an intense black geometric tattoo pattern with bold strokes, snaking up his arm, nicely drawn, a powerful design-it went all the way up to his wrist; there was an old-fashioned Timex watch on his left wrist-it seemed out of place with the other elements of his style; his right arm was free of tattoos."

Together Wei and Sato, along with the rest of the team, would make a pretty impressive group going up against a dangerous terrorist leader known as the Caliph, as well as other dangers to the country and Wei would prove over and again how valuable he was, despite being a Perv Boy.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2020

       There is an action series about a man named Dale Maurer, the Ronin. It is about a man who gets involved in helping other people who have no other hope. He has a dear friend and close confidant named Tony Wei. That is where we first meet Wei (as far as I can tell). Then Wei gets involved with the FBI and fighting terrorists and his buddy Maurer helps out - a lot. Then after Wei is firmly in the consultancy business with the Feds, he pops off to help Maurer with a gig of his own. And then back at the ranch, it is Wei with the FBI and Maurer helping out. Then ...
       You get the idea. Two different series. Same people, different roles. It is fun.

1 Ronin Ronin
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2016

1st in the Ronin series about Dale Maurer with Tony Wei helping. The woman came to Maurer needing help to escape the clutches of a Russian mobster who wanter her as part of his harem.
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2 Perv Boy Perv Boy
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2016

FBI Agent Janet Sato first thought Tony Wei was connected with a terrorist cell but he was just a computer hacker living near the cell. He was also making money video-snooping via a drone a young female celebrity, hence her nickname for him of 'Perv Boy'. It was only after he was cleared of terrorism she saw how valuable he was to her investigations.
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3 Perv Boy Mines Some Data Perv Boy Mines Some Data
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2016

The mysterious terrorist leader known as the Caliph has a new set of strikes planned against the US but Tony Wei has come up with a way to predict these actions and Janet Sato along with her FBI task force are ready.
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4 Bienvenido Bienvenido
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2016

2nd in the Ronin series about Dale Maurer with Tony Wei helping. The Vulture was the nickname of the human trafficker in Cuba who, using a corrupt general as protection, made a fortune selling young girls. When the man known as Ronin gets involved, things change.
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5 Perv Boy Builds A Trap Perv Boy Builds A Trap
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2016

The terrorist leader called the 'Caliph' has had enough of Tony Wei's interference and has sent a team of assassins to eliminate him. Wei, on the other hand, has come up with a way to find the terrorist, if he lives long enough.
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6 Perv Boy Escapes Perv Boy Escapes
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2018

Having made powerful people very angry with him, Tony Wei is not surprised to find a set of elaborate traps designed to put him behind bars for years. He is not upset by that as much as the fact that his colleague and the object of his affection, Janet Sato, is starting to doubt him.
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7 Peligro Peligro
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2018

3rd in the Ronin series about Dale Maurer with Tony Wei helping. The Mexican gang leader called 'Peligro' wants nothing more than to destroy the man who killed his brother. Since that man, Dale Maurer, the Ronin, had no brother, that meant going after his closest friend, Tony Wei.
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8 Perv Boy Catches A Spy Perv Boy Catches A Spy
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2019

Tony Wei was willing to help when the FBI asked him to go undercover as an engineer at a defense contractor where espionage is suspected. He might not have been so accommodating if he knew the Chinese spies involved would catch on and snatch him.
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9 Brat Brat
Written by Mordecai Flint
Copyright: 2020

4rd in the Ronin series about Dale Maurer with Tony Wei helping. A former foe, a Russian gangster by the name of Asimov, reluctantly asks Dale Maurer, Ronin, to help with his little brother. The young man has gotten himself in the middle of a fight between two crime lords and Asimov needs someone as tough as those guys to get his brother free.
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Okay, guilty pleasure admittance here. I enjoyed these extremely quick reads a whole lot more than I should have. The writing style is far too staccato-ish for my liking and the plots are a bit out there and the action not realistic and all that sounds really bad and from a critical point of view is but... I am not a book critic. I am a spy series fan and darned if while reading these books and seeing the flaws in them, I was hooked and kept reading until the last book (fifth at the time) was finished.

I liked Wei. A lot. I also liked S.A. Sato but of course who wouldn't. But I liked Wei and that got me past all the flaws in the writing. When I closed the last adventure, I knew that when the author gave me the next, I would snatch it up immediately. And that is what made me put a "+" behind the "B" that it initially earned.

One other thing that the series did was to entice me to read yet another series by the author. This one deals with a supporting character in the Wei series, Dale Maurer, who has a lot of adventures of his own. In fact, going my reading of release dates, the first Maurer adventure, with Tony Wei along as the friend and sidekick, happens before the first Wei book which had Maurer as the sidekick.


My Grade: B+


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